Week 23 News from the farm

TapRoot Farms - Week 23 - Sept 4 - 9

(newsletter prepared by Tim)

(Note from me, Patricia - if you are interested in joining in a tomatoe canning session, please email or facebook so I have an idea of how many people are interested - then I will coordinate a date and time. And NOW is the time to purchase 20lb boxes of tomatoes for canning or freezing. Tomatoes freeze very easily - rinse and freeze whole and then pop them into your dishes throughout the winter - thinking of you all!.)

Three weeks ago I joined the TapRoot team. In that very short time I have learned a lot, particularly that there is so much I still don’t know.

Life on a farm is very different from life near a farm. I grew up surrounded by agriculture. I played on hay bales, stole vegetables, frightened (and have been frightened by) livestock and fought thorns for blackberries. But I had no appreciation for the value in the food, or the work it took to produce it.

I have been friends with Josh since childhood, and have known Trish for over seventeen years. They have given me an opportunity to experience the busiest time of year on a farm, and the seasons beyond. I jumped at the chance to try something new for myself, and although I am still not wise on the ways of farm life, I learn new things every day.

Here are some things I already know for sure:

Your share boxes this week are full of amazing food. This novice used the cilantro to make salsa, for the first time ever! Shareholders I spoke to were looking forward to tomatoes and beans as healthy recess snacks, firing up a wok, and watermelon for dessert.

Be sure to refer to the weekly list of your share contents. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, a visit to the farm would be well worth your time. Take a walk, ask us questions, and enjoy the change from this season to the next.


Tim Carr