Week 23 (Sept 7 - 13) TapRoot + Off the Hook 2015

Off the Hook Updates:

~Off the Hook Share members on Tuesday - Saturday will get your final fish delivery next week.

~ Thank you to all of you who participated in Off the Hook. The six weeks has come and gone. As we are working to rebuild the accounting program here at TapRoot is would be most helpful if you could please let me (Patricia) now (in a kind and supportive way) if you are owed more fish because you paid in January and you started this season with us late. I want to be sure everyone has what they paid for.

~ Exciting news regarding Off the Hook is that soon we will offer a shrimp share. Everyone who has been a part of the Off the Hook share will have access to purchasing the other shares that come available. We will be sure to let you know!

News from the Farm:

~ This coming week marks the 10th week of flower shares. The rain last night did some serious damage. Not enough to change the flower share plans for the final week:) For you Full Monty members, you will get flowers the following week. They will arrive in buckets not in the box - the flower designers (Val and Jill) want them in the buckets so they will not get damaged. Thank you so much for all of the floral support. We sure hope you enjoyed your weekly bouquet. Please feel free to send feedback regarding the flowers share so that we can take that into consideration for future.

~This week we put the broccoli in each day in hopes that it held up for the transport. Broccoli farms have very expensive systems to chill the broccoli when it is harvested and then to ice the broccoli when it is shipped. They have these really cool units that force ice everywhere. we had to purge 6 bins of broccoli because it started to turn. So sad!

~Also, this week the cucumbers have come to a temporary end. the next plantings are not ready yet. eariler in the week i realized too late that some of the shares got cucumbers that were old. The wrong pallet of cukes was put before the share making team. I am really sorry about that - in the cooler we often will have pallets of various harvest dates. If we are not able to sell the cucumbers then they go to feed the pigs. somehow, an older pallet was put out for shares. The policy at the farm is CSA members get the best - freshest possible. Let me know if you have a bad apple cuke and we will send along a replacement in a few weeks when the next batch is ready.

~ Falicia is working at getting the enteries made to bring the accounting program up to date. This has been a tremendous task. Thank you for your patience as we get things all re-entered. Your account online, as far as we are concerned, as of last week is accurate. If you have made a payment via cash, cheque, email or direct deposit in the past 10 days that isn't showing up - then please give us a few more days to get it entered on our end.

~On the farm end of things.....it is beautiful out there. All of the TapRoot Team are busy harvesting many things - the yard is starting to fill up with vegetable goodness.

~ Josh has been working REALLY hard to complete a lot of paper work and farm clean up work to be prepared for the Canada Gap Program: On Farm Food Safety Audit that we had this week. There are two really stressful things that we need to do on the farm regarding paper work and record keeping to keep doing what we do - our Organic Certification and the Food Safety audit. It took an entire afternoon of and endless hours of prep. This year we hired a consultant to manage the paper work of the CanadaGap for us. She comes once a month to review and help us stay on track. The great thing is that Josh and the team have washed down and cleaned up every corner of the warehouses - a really great pre fall clean up. We don't have the final report yet - but Niki, our consultant said we did great:))

~I am sure there is more to report but I can't think of it now. I sure do hope you have a lovely weekend. As per usual, if you wish to see the farm, come on out for a walk about.


Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I returned from a few days in the wilds of Cape Breton yesterday just in time to pick up my share boxes. Good timing.  A girlfriend sent me this recipe for cucumber dill Greek yogurt salad a few weeks ago and with the big, fat cucumber in my veggie box, I'll be whipping up this salad for dinner tonight. Looks delicious!

I'm  vegetarian, but as a Jamie Oliver fan, I'm pretty sure I can recommend this grilled rabbit recipe without hesitation. Let us know how it turns out!

This Best Ever Green Beans recipe is simply delicious. If Jamie Oliver says something is the "best ever," I'm generally inclined to believe him. :)

Happy eating, everyone. Have a wonderful week! :)