Week 23 September 5-10

Week 23 August 29 - September 3

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My son Gilbert, and Patricia's niece Elsie, telling us where we can find some delicious organic sweet corn.

More coming your way in share boxes in the next few weeks. 

Farm Notes:



TapRoot Farms Eggs no longer short - Week 6.


This week the hens have started to lay a bit and we now have enough to make up your regular order. When they start to lay more, we will then start to send more eggs each week until we have made up for the eggs you have been shorted.


Full Monty = 12 eggs

1 dozen = 12 eggs

1/2 doz = 6 eggs



Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this matter :)



TapRoot Members Pizza Night in the Park

Saturday, September 24th 4-6pm

at the Leighton Dillman Park Oven, Garden, and Orchard, 36 Park Ave, Dartmouth, NS

Join us for an afternoon/evening at the Leighton Dillman Park Oven, Garden, and Orchard. Come for 4 PM and plan to be baking and eating until 6 or so. Long time CSA member and friend of the farm, Lorrie Rand, will lead us in baking our own pizzas in the wood fired community oven. Bring all of your fixings for pizza ( dough, toppings etc.). TapRoot will have tomatoes to share. Josh and Patricia will provide an update on the farm and answer any questions you may have. Learn more at taprootfarms.ca

Read over the info at this link: http://www.parkoven.ca/come-cook/

RSVP by clicking here so we can get a good idea of numbers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Loving this illustration about how to cook artichoke. Check it out here along with the health benefits, comparing artichokes to the lobster of the vegetable community, as well as recipes.

The labyrinth, a little overgrown, got some TLC at the beginning of the week, come by the market stand at 1736 Church street and have a walk through. This years leeks have just started to be harvested, and they look beautiful!

Thank you and have a great week!

-Justine and your TapRoot Farms team