Week 24 September 12-17

Week 24 September 12-17

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Jem weighing out tomatoes for your shares

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Farm Notes:



TapRoot Farms Eggs no longer short - Week 7.


This week the hens have started to lay a bit and we now have enough to make up your regular order.


Next week we will start 'paying' back eggs. We will break the extra eggs over three weeks. With the full monty and 1 dozen members getting 8 extra and the 1/2 doz members receiving 5 extra for three weeks. 


Full Monty = 12 eggs

1 dozen = 12 eggs

1/2 doz = 6 eggs


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this matter :)



Open Farm Day at TapRoot Farms

Sunday, September 18th


Open Farm Day is a province-wide event that creates the opportunity for participating Nova Scotia farmers to open their doors to members of their community. We’re giving you a backstage pass to meet your farmer and really see where your food comes from. :) At TapRoot there will be hay wagon rides, a petting zoo, and u-pick activities for the whole family. Please join us!


Friday morning at the farm, everyone getting ready to go about the days work

Friday afternoon, Josh and some of the guys went golfing. Finishing up by moonlight we heard :)

Thank you and have a great week!

-Justine and your TapRoot Farms team