Week 24: TapRoot CSA Update #1

Hello Members,

We have started our final week of the Winter/Spring CSA season.

Members who are starting the Summer/Fall share please check in on your pickup location times for next week. Yes, you start next week. We do deliver on July 2nd for those of you who pickup on Monday's. (Windsor members look for a separate message from us) 

You will notice in the shares this week the onions are not as trimmed as usual. This is more of how they look coming out of storage. Usually each onion we trim with a pairing knife and peel of a layer or two of skin to make them look nicer. This week we have sent you the onions without all of the trimming to save some time on the farm. We are asking you to take on the trimming this week for us. Thank you!! 

I have posted the meat box and chickens on the add on section of the website. There are 40 meat boxes available. 

We had two tubs of beet greens remaining from last week. We distributed them among the shares today. If you get a loose bunch of beet greens, they too haven't been trimmed so they need a trim of the yellow leaves and the rest is great to steam and eat. We decided to distribute to you randomly vs feeding them to the pigs. Please enjoy! 

It was a rainy and cool day here on the farm. We have new piglets that were farrowed out in the wooded area. We lost 84 chicks to a relentless mink that is slinky and very hard to catch. We were putting out mulch in the tunnels today. Tomorrow we will begin harvesting the first of the garlic scapes. They will be in the shares next week. We are working to get as many tasks done now as we can before all of the crops are ready to be harvested because once everything is ready, we are stretched thin. It is an exciting time. 

Recipe idea:

I make a potato and kale one pot dish. Boil the potatoes, skin on. Near the end of the potatoes boiling, add chopped kale, stem and all. Once the kale is cooked (about 4-5 minutes), strain the potatoes and kale (holding the lid so the potatoes and kale stay in the pot). Add some milk, butter and mash. Then stir in grated cheese. Serve. YUM! I haven't tired this with swiss chard but I am going to try and see how it tastes. Of course, salt and pepper to taste. The amount of milk, butter and cheese depends on how many potatoes you cook and how you like it. 

Have a great week!