Week 24 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter

Hi Folks!

The late summer abundance means we are thinking about your winter shares.  We have just completed about 2,000 jars of pickled beans and cucumbers though a partnership with The Flowercart.  These will be a special treat in the winter shares.  Also, Justine got the kitchen all cleaned up and ready for Phoebe to get started on freezing peas, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and beans.  Josh and Lily took the peas over to be shelled on Tuesday, and Phoebe has been blanching, bagging, and freezing them since.  We freeze our tomatoes at the peak of ripeness, so it's nearly a daily task at this time of year.  This week we will preserve basil by processing it with olive oil and freezing into pucks that can be added to all sorts of things in the winter to add a taste of summer! 

Freezer space is at a premium right now.  We have shipped 330 ducks to a freezer storage facility, as well as rhubarb, fiddleheads, and the first batches of peas and tomatoes.  We operate 150 meat shares and all of our frozen veg and fruit out of about 10 chest freezers that Justine keeps meticulously organized and rotated.  This is not ideal, and a huge amount of work... and the reason why we can't offer more meat as add ons, or why you can't opt for a turkey AND a meat share at Thanksgiving.  We just don't have the space!

Currently, we have some geese and rabbits that are using valuable freezer space.  The geese are 10 - 12 lbs and we can offer you a special price of $4.50/lb (Reg. $6.25) if you take them in the next couple of weeks.  They are last year's flock.  The rabbits are whole, 3 - 6 lbs, and $6.00 per lb.  You can order them through the add-ons section, or if you get a meat share, you can choose to receive a goose or rabbit as part of the value in your meat share.  I already have a duck and a couple of chickens in the freezer at home, so I am choosing to get a whole rabbit this week instead of the regular meat share, and will then rotisserie it on my BBQ!  Email me at teri@taprootfarms.ca if you are interested in helping us out with this!

Give a Toonie - Grow a Farmer

SUPPORT YOUR FUTURE FARMERS - Donate to ACORN's Grow A Farmer Program!

TapRoot Farms is participating in the pilot year of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network's (ACORN) first-ever organic farmer training initiative: the Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program. This new 'farm-school'-the first of it's kind, Canada-wide!-offers curriculum guided, farm-based apprenticeships for aspiring organic farmers; farmer-to-farmer mentorship for newly established organic farmers; and an on-going series of events and training opportunities to gather new farmers and share information. As current funding for this pilot program will expire in December 2013, ACORN is encouraging donations to support the future of this important educational and community-building opportunity for Maritime-based farmers, including an upcoming fundraiser dinner on September 29th at the Wooden Monkey. For full details, please visit www.growafarmer.ca.

For some of you, look for donation jars at pick-up locations this week and next: Hawthorn, The Grainery, Edgewood/Oxford, TapRoot farm stand, Bloom, Emma's Eatery, Prospect Road Community Centre, and Fall River.  If you'd like to contribute to this important cause, simply contact the ACORN office, toll-free at 1-866-322-2676 to process payment or issue a cheque. Every little bit counts!

Project Mush-Mush By Chris


Project mush mush hasn't been as active as I would like it to be.  Mostly because I procrastinate when I can. I have been making cardboard spawn and have quite a few pounds of it, maybe 50lbs or more so really all I have to do is pasteurize some straw and inoculate it with the cardboard spawn. Simple right, however I still don't like the idea of using so much fossil fuel to heat up and pasteurize the straw plus I'm likely to burn myself and it costs more money for propane and I'm poor.  Therefore I was excited when I heard about cold pastuerization. Takes longer but doesn't require heat. You simply submerge straw in water for 4-12 days drain and inoculate. Pretty sweet eh. The combination of cardboard spawn and cold pasteurization puts mushroom cultivation into the hands of anyone.  So next week on my vacation I'm going to inoculate some cold pasteurized straw with carboard spawn.  I'm almost more than confident this low tech sustainable method will work because guess who had some mushrooms fruit off cardboard in buckets over monsoon Tuesday? That's right, this guy. 0.34 lbs.  I got mushrooms to fruit off of old cardboard.  Pretty neat eh!!

Wool N Tart open in Wolfville!

Warren and Elisabeth of Slow Dough have partnered with Gaspereau Valley Fibres in a new storefront at 458 Main Street in Wolfville.  Some of you may know Slow Dough from it being offered in the CSA earlier this year.  It is definitely the best bread I've ever had, and I'm looking forward to visiting their shop soon.  How convenient is that: Pick up some delicious baked goodies and a new knitting project in one stop!

Valley farmers surprised at decline in consumer's demand for corn - Chronicle Herald article

PORT WILLIAMS — Nova Scotia consumers are buying less corn this year, forcing some Annapolis Valley farmers to seek other uses for their crops or plow them under.

“Usually I can’t grow enough corn,” Josh Oulton of TapRoot Farms near Port Williams said Thursday. “We sometimes bring it in from some smaller growers to make sure we have enough volume.”

But Oulton said he can’t sell what he has this season. He may leave some of his 32 hectares in the field to be harvested for cattle feed later in the year.

TapRoot Farms grew less sweet corn this year than last. But he has designated two hectares for dairy feed and another six for “green manure” unless he gets more sales.

Oulton said it’s a widespread problem affecting many growers throughout the Valley. Some have already started to plow their crops under, even though it has been a good growing year and the quality is excellent. (READ MORE)

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All the best adjusting to the back to school routine!

--The TapRoot Team