Week 26 (Sept 28 - Oct 4) TapRoot 2015

Happy Friday Everyone and Happy October! WOW!

This is going to be very short this week because tomorrow we have our organic inspection and we are finalizing the paper work that needs to be available for the inspector. All good but feels rather intense.

I had a very good learning tour in Belgium of the flax industry. I learned a lot and feel very good about the direction we are headed in designing and building small scale long line linen processing equipment. Shirts soon to come.

We do not have turkeys this year for thanksgiving. If you want to get a local turkey our cousin Wayne Oulton 902 798 4734 raises free range turkeys. The turkeys we have raised will be ready for Christmas but we won't have enough for everyone. I am not sure what Nathan and Josh are thinking re shares or sales of these turkeys for Christmas but we will be sure to let you know.

Off the Hook - CSF - we will be offering another share - not likely until after next week (whenever I can take 5 minutes to launch it). In the meantime - we have posted an add on of 5lb Pollock that you are welcome to add on to your share delivery. For those who do not know how.......you created a log in when you signed up - use that log in - and you can see your shares and any items the farm has available for sale in addition to your CSA share. It will be delivered with your share as long as you order before 8 AM and as long as we do our job correctly and get it to you.

When it comes time for the organic certification inspection and I am reviewing files and I see how many acres we now have in organic production I feel overwhelmingly thankful to all of you who each week support the farm in our vision. Also, as I sit here in the office and hear the sounds of Patrick and Martel singing as they pack grape tomatoes I feel tremendously thankful that because of you, the members of the CSA, we are able to continue to have great people on our team.

Have a peaceful weekend, knowing that your commitment and contribution is valued and very much appreciated by many.

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I love leeks, but they hide a lot of gritty soil in their layers. This article takes you through a great step-by-step process to clean your leeks thoroughly. No more gritty spoonfuls!

You've probably had potato leek soup but have you tried mushroom leek soup? It's warm and earthy and the lemon in this recipe gives it a tiny tang. Very yummy!

I grew up eating broccoli with cheese sauce or in a cheesy casserole. I'm pretty sure our mom thought that if she didn't cheese it up, we wouldn't eat it. Now, I prefer being able to taste my veggies and feel the texture. This Roasted Parmesan Broccoli fits the bill--roasted just enough to heat through and bring out the flavour, and just enough parmesan added to give it a cheesy tang. Simply delicious!

I'm adding this Buddha Bowl recipe for the fabulous dressing recipe at the end. It is amazing! With salad greens in the share boxes this week, give it a try. Try the Buddha Bowl, too. There are myriad combinations. In our house, we start with a layer of brown rice, add greens (chard, kale, spinach...), stir fried veggies of whatever sort happen to be in the fridge, some grated beet and/or carrot, and usually tofu. Healthy, super delicious, and great potentials for leftovers.

Another salad dressing recipe... this one never lasts long in my house. Creamy and super tasty, it's a delicious addition to salads and roasted veggies.

How spicy are banana peppers? If you check out this chart, you'll see that they are just very slightly spicier than a bell pepper. Which is to say: not very spicy.

Give this recipe a try. It uses zucchini and banana peppers together--a great flavour combination.


Happy cooking. Have a wonderful week! :)