Week 26 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter


As I was writing "Week 26" I realized that our year together is halfway through!  We hope you are enjoying the CSA so far, and looking forward to 26 more weeks of fresh deliveries from our awesome crew at TapRoot!

TapRoot Turkeys

This year, Josh has 40 turkeys available to any members who would like them.  Those of you who have meat shares are getting a turkey the week of Oct. 7 - 13, unless you have opted out.  If anyone else would like a turkey, we will have some available starting this Saturday and throughout next week. 

As many of you already know, freezer space is our biggest hurdle with the meat: So, we would like to move the turkeys as quickly as possible...  Like a turkey flash mob, of sorts!  They are a range of sizes, we are guessing between 15-20 lbs, and they are $4.00 per pound.  They were raised outside on pasture.

Last year these sold out in a flash and we are hoping for the same this year.  These are first-come, first served!  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ORDER or email order to teri@taprootfarms.ca


Jem is back!

Jem here, back to work this week, after four weeks off on holiday in Ireland, France and Italy with my wife Karen. We met 5 years ago in Ireland, so it was good to see lots of old friends, drink some Guinness and wine(not at the same time) and chill out in some wonderful scenery in Donegal.( photo 1)
We stayed in a cottage in Co Clare owned by an organic grower who I bought my veggies off for 8 years when I lived in Clare. These are his blackrock hens,a cross of barred Plymouth rock and rhode island red. It was interesting to look in his polytunnels and be able to identify all the plants which I couldn't have done 5 years ago before working at Taproot.(photo 2)
I got to see my 5 grandchildren, one, Harry for the first time(he's 6 months old) and played football with his 2year old brother Matthew.
We had a delicious lunch on our last day in the Alsace region in France, goats cheese tart and salad with a glass of Pinot Blanc wine.(photo 3)
So now I'm sitting on the dyke watching the tide flow in at home in Port Williams on a warm afternoon. Life is good and I am so thankful for all the people in my life and the wonderful places I've been and its good to be back at Taproot again.
Thanks Jem.

Organic Week

Jon: This week is Organic Week and Pete's Frootique is celebrating. Monday night Teri and I were at Pete's Halifax representing TapRoot. We were talking about Soil Health and what we do at TapRoot to make sure we have the healthiest soil possible.

Teri: Last night at Pete's it was great to talk to folks about organic farming, and even better to see some of our produce on the shelves.  It was a hectic and chaotic day, but thoroughly worth it seeing a big display of our special organic honeycrisp apples being put out with little TapRoot stickers that we rush ordered last week!  The guys in produce putting on the stickers were excited, too! :)


A couple sent in last week by members:

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Happy halfway!  Happy Autumn!  Happy Organic Week!

The TapRoot Team