Week 27 - October 3-8

Week 27  October 3-8

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Garlic and jalapenos for share making

Ed brought Josh back a present from his holiday last week. Very fitting!

Farm Notes:

Gerald, from Newfoundland, with bins of leeks!

Share Price Breakdown

Every Friday I set about to value the shares for the next week. Sometimes they are a bit over and sometimes they are a bit under. We keep track in order to make sure they even out at the end of our season together. Feel free to ask me any questions about how we value the items in your shares. 


Full Monty Share - $64.25


Large Veggie share - $25.25



Smaller Veggie Share - $16.50


Meat Share - $20.00

No Nitrate Bacon - $8.50

Pastured Pork Roast - $11.50

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Justine and your TapRoot Farms team