Week 27 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter

Hi everyone!

Welcome to October!  Such an abundant time on the farm.  This week's boxes are hefty and smell wonderful!  Lots of things you can do with all the plentiful tomatoes and those very tomato-complementary herbs we sent along in your shares this week (cilantro and basil). 

There are still a few TapRoot turkeys looking for homes.  They are between 17-22 lbs, $4.00 per lb, and were raised free range. These are the only ones we'll have this year, so if you need one for Christmas get it now!  We are short on freezer space, and these guys are BIG!  :)

TapRoot Autumn Gift Baskets

These are now available in the add-ons section of the website!  Tim makes up these lovely baskets to order, and they contain produce (squash, apples, onions, garlic, cabbage etc) flowers, a card, ornamental corn, herbs, and lots of other beautiful & delicious things from the farm.  A great gift for Thanksgiving, birthdays, housewarmings, et cetera.  $40.00 each.

Some featured Add-ons

Jack's Ducks: Helen works at the farm and her son Jack raises ducks.  We have some available in add-ons for those of you who are interested, here's more about them: Jack is a student at Acadia and has kept ducks since he was small. This year he brought in 100 Pekin day old ducklings from Quebec. Next year he plans to hatch his own for eggs, meat and hatch some ducklings for Taproot too. They have been extensively free ranging, going just where they please in the pasture they shared with our sheep. They were finished slowly to 14 weeks rather than the commercial 7-8 weeks. We hope to give all our animals a fulfilled and natural life as possible as we believe that happy meat is good meat!

Tomatoes: For those of you who missed out on the Tomato Flash Mob a few weeks ago, you are still able to purchase tomatoes in bulk through the add-ons section.  (tip: #1 means top quality, #2 or "seconds" means canning quality, some cracks or imperfections).  All under "Vegetables" in the add-on list:

Non-organic field tomatoes, 25 lbs #1: $25

Non-organic field tomatoes, 25 lbs #2: $12

Organic roma tomatoes, 25 lbs #1: $40

Organic mixed tomatoes 25 lbs #2: $20

Abundant October Harvest: Facebook Member Recipe Challenge!

For the entire month of October, we will be holding a member recipe challenge on Facebook.  Post photos of delicious things that you are making with your shares, and make sure you share on the TapRoot Farms facebook page (OR email to teri@taprootfarms.ca if you don't use facebook). 

Each time you post, I will enter your name in a draw for a chance to win a TapRoot Farms gift basket (winner will be announced Nov. 1 and basket distributed the first week of November). 

Post often, include the recipe when you can, and the only rule is it must be something that you (or friend or family member) made with the contents of your share box.

Thanks to Mike Caplan, one of your fellow members, for inspiring this challenge!  Looking forward to all the photos and recipes you'll be sending in!


Salsa Sunday: Made salsa this weekend, here's the recipe I used: http://www.food.com/recipe/wonderful-salsa-9272

Finally tried Bok Choy on the BBQ, it is great!  If you've never tried it before, I highly recommend it!  I have a BBQ wok and so chopped it into large pieces, tossed in olive oil and threw in the wok.  Members have suggested cutting it in half, brushing with oil and grilling that way.  Yum!

Glennis on Facebook suggests: Kohlrabi again....yummmm...I have tried it many ways but my favourite is mashed with potatoes and used as topping on Shepherd's Pie. Lovely flavour.

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, September 29, 2013 - Saturday, October 5, 2013

*Note to members: Thanksgiving week veggie share is posted too, to aid with your planning!  Go to taprootfarms.ca/shares and select the week that you want to view on the bottom of the page.

50 Week Veggie Share 2013

Awesome Eggs 2013

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Fruit Share 2013

Happy October 1!

-The TapRoot Team