Week 28 (Oct 12 - Oct 18) TapRoot 2015

Hello members! 

This week has been so beautiful!

I haven't spent much time on the farm this week - i've been mostly in the other office with Falicia. In 6 weeks, give or take, a new little baby will be here - so I have to make sure I relearn all of the things that Falicia does each day. Also, now that we have finally caught all up from the computers having been stolen, I can start diving into some analysis of how things are going. 

Gerald and Louise are heading home tomorrow. Back to NFLD they go for the winter. They are both so dependable and helpful. Gerald has looked after leeks, green onions, kale and more. Louise is the green onion bunching expert and is so helpful with all things bunching and tub washing related. 

Josh is running in different directions these days. The yard is filling up with veggies that need to go into storage. Josh's prioritizing skill set is being pushed/sharpened right now with the many demands for bringing in the harvest. 

A few friendly reminders:

  1. If you facebook me or email me at my patricia account - PLEASE ALWAYS SEND - your message or request to csa@taprootfarms.ca because in my older age, totally forgetful, i am depending on this email as my list of what needs to happen for you so please follow up a post or call with a message to this account.  Thanks!
  2. PLEASE DO.....check out https://www.facebook.com/TaprootfarmsCSA?ref=bookmarks - our farm Facebook page and also please feel free to check in on Josh's or my account - we post lots of farm life posts - because that is our life:)  

These pictures: 1. Dad, Andrew Bishop of Noggins, here with Frank and a bin of Honeycrisp apples. 2. The kids set up a shop - selling gourds, tomatoes and other items and 3. On Monday Jem, Justine, Louise, Lily, Izaak and a few others were the share building team. I love working with this great team of people. 

Money Stuff

Thank you, thank you to everyone who checked their account to ensure your payments are up to date. A gentle reminder to members who haven't made their October payment yet--please do so asap. 

Making payments should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis. While we appreciate every payment we receive, we would ask that you please save your smaller weekly amounts and make a larger payment at the end of the month. It actually takes Falicia a lot of time to process payments and with everything else on her plate, we'd like to streamline the process. Thank you!


Off the Hook Round 2

Round #2 of Off the Hook fish shares is now available, with deliveries beginning on Monday, October 12th and running for four weeks. The share will be made up of mostly Pollock and will be approximately 3 lbs per week. The fish is large so it may be +/- 3 lbs each week. We will do the best we can to ensure it is 3 lbs.

The Pollock was caught by John Boutilier and was cut and frozen by Sambro Fisheries on September 12, 2015.

Price is 34.50 per week.

Click HERE to sign up.

p.s. We have a few Full Monty shares available as well. Please share with your friends who may be interested. :)

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Tomato cobbler?? Yes, and it's delicious! With lots of tomatoes coming in the share boxes this week I thought I'd share a recipe I tried last fall that became an instant hit in our house. We love it for lunch on Sundays (which means I take the leftovers for lunch on Monday!)

If you're a meat share member, you've got some delicious, boneless rabbit coming your way this week. Rabbit is one of the healthiest, leanest meats and is easy to cook. It can be substituted in any chicken recipe (it is sweeter than chicken) but follow this link to three great recipes--French Rabbit Stew, Rabbit Casserole, and Beer-Braised Crock Pot Rabbit.

Peppers are abundant right now. I (Denise) love this recipe for enchilada stuffed peppers, a) because it's delicious and b) because it's easy and quick to throw together on a busy work night. Enjoy your peppers!

I (Denise) made these green beans with caramelized pecans over the weekend for Thanksgiving dinner and holy smokes, they were good. Definitely a make-again recipe in our house. I like my means al dente so boiled them for just 5 minutes, and they were perfect.
There's a great little cafe in Wolfville called The Rolled Oat. If you're there when they open, chances are good their pear ginger muffins will just be coming out of the oven, and they are amazing. If these spiced pear muffins come close, they're a slam dunk. I'm giving them a try this week. Let me know if you do, too.
If you've managed to get through Thanksgiving with a squash still in the house, this recipe for squash soup with sizzled sage is for you. It calls for apple juice but I used 2/3 apple cider and 1/3 vegetable stock. It also calls for six cloves are roasted garlic, which lends a sweet and mild garlic flavour that cuts the sweetness of the cider. Another hit at Thanksgiving last weekend.
Have a fantastic week, everyone! The fall colours are just stunning right now. Get yourself into the woods to enjoy them, but remember to wear orange! :)