Week 29 & 30 (Oct 19 - Nov 1) TapRoot 2015

News from the farm:

Hot Peppers! 

This week you are receiving habanero peppers in your share box. Habanero peppers are great for adding a nice bit of heat to a dish but it's important to know that handling a wickedly hot habanero is a totally different experience than handling a barely medium-heat jalapeño. The peppers are coming in their own plastic wrap, but it's still best to leave the unpacking of the box this week to an adult. Don't be afraid. Just be cautious. :)

Click on the photo link below for some important handling advice. See TapRoot Facebook page or recipes below for ideas.



ACORN Annual CSA Survey

Continuing with its efforts to collect data on CSAs in Atlantic Canada, ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network) has this year's survey up and running. By participating, you provide us with feedback to help us prepare for a successful new season with you! Please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey below. Thank you for your feedback! 




Payment Request from Falicia

To our members who are making payments to Ed (thank you!!) on delivery days, please ensure that your payment is in an envelope with your name written clearly on the front. Ed does a remarkable job keeping all of that information straight in his head but please, help him and us by making things easier. Something like this will do just fine. thanks so much! :)





Disco Soupe at Devour

According to the FAO, one third of all food produced worldwide are thrown away. That’s more than 1 Billion tons of food every year - most of which would be edible but is not perfect in shape, colour, or size. The Disco Soupe movement was started by the Slow Food Youth Network in Germany to bring awareness to the massive scale of food waste. A Disco Soupe event brings together people from all walks of life to dance, chat about food, and transform vegetables from farms and markets that would otherwise have been wasted into a delicious meal. Hosted by Slow Food Youth Annapolis Valley.

Come chop, dance, eat with us on November 5th!

The cost is FREE, RSVP here


Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen - Week 29

Andy made these crispy sesame fish burgers with lime mayo over the weekend and gave them two thumbs up. :)

Another winner for fish share members. This lemon dill pollock is nice and light with lots of flavour.

Peaches are abundant right now. We've been eating them by the bucket in our house. I am really committed to eating local foods so come January, when I'm craving peaches, I don't run to the grocery store to buy peaches from Washington; I go to the freezer to thaw out peaches I've frozen. When freezing peaches, you want those fuzzy skins to be gone and here's how you do it with ease and in minutes.


I love peach salsa. I love it with corn ships and on tofu, and Andy loves it on chicken, pork, and fish (oh, and with corn chips, too.) It's lighter and (obviously) fruitier than straight-up tomato salsa and with peaches at their peak right now, it's a great time for all kinds of peachy recipes. Click HERE for the recipe.

We made this roasted cauliflower with red chile, cilantro, and lime last night at our house. Three words: Make. It. Tonight. Holy moly, it is amazing! Don't fear the red chile--there's just a hint of heat. Seriously, this is one of the tastiest cauliflower dishes I've made. Go and get your cauliflower on! 

I tried this butternut squash and smoky black bean kale salad last fall, and it's really yummy. Great colder weather salad. 

Black kale recipe #2: Tuscan white bean soup (with kale and sausage). I'm vegetarian so I make this soup with my own spicy "sausage" but Andy tells me it rivals carnivorous versions he's had, so I feel confident posting this and telling you it's earthy and authentic and delicious.


Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen - Week 30

What to do with those habanero peppers once you've carefully handled and cleaned them? Try this fantastic spicy and sweet habanero-jalapeno jelly. So seriously yummy!

Try this spicy habanero avocado sauce on all kinds of your favourite dishes. It's great on sandwiches, eggs, crab and fish cakes, burritos and enchiladas, grilled meats... the list is endless.

We were hankering for Indian food at our house last night so among the dishes we cooked up was this creamy coconut eggplant curry. It was the first time I'd tried it and it was a definite "make again." It was really lovely with the other curry dishes we had and was super easy to pull together.

Four words: mint chocolate chip cookies. :) There are several other recipes for fresh mint when you click on the link. So good!


Unless it's really well cooked, eggplant can taste a little spongy. I'm not a big fan of spongy, but I am a fan of eggplant, so I like to ensure it's really well cooked. The easy way to do this is to fry it, but I'm a bit of a health nut so I roast it in the oven, instead. Much less oil, and I like the slightly caramelized flavour. Here's the HOW TO. Give it a try!

Chimichurri sauce is great served over grilled meat or fish, or in my case, tofu. :) It's an Argentinian condiment that is super easy to whip up and a delicious way to put your fresh parsley to use!

And finally, a creepy treat for Hallowe'en. Apple cider + apples + imagination = spicy shrunken heads cider. :)


So much yummy food. Have a wonderful week in the kitchen, everyone! :)