Week 3: TapRoot CSA

Seed orders

Snow Storm

No school for three days (two storm days and one in service) 

Finalizing year end

Outstanding accounts

Washing, bagging, & seeding

Happy Week 3 from TapRoot

Katelyn is keeping quite busy in the office keeping our accounts up to date for various things. One of her focus areas this week is on A/R (account receivables). There is a list of members who haven't made their payment for January/February. Could you please get that sent to us right away.  Thanks so much! 

The veggies this time of year are so colourful. Members who have been with us for many years may notice the difference in colour variety from 8 years ago to now. This is another one pot dish of mine. I sauteed onions, mushrooms, beets, carrots and potatoes. Then I added some chicken broth and let it cook for a bit to ensure the beets and potatoes would be cooked and the added rice. Simmered until the rice was cooked and served it up hot. 











In the share this week:

Chicken Liver -  Josh's favourite way to prepare the livers  is to saute onions or leeks or both, and garlic with the liver adding salt and pepper to taste.  Kim's favourite is to dredge them in simple egg wash flour/milk/egg) and pan fry until crispy and serve immediately. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Kohlrabi  - Please peel and eat. These veggies are so delicious raw. They are also excellent in juice. They can be made into a soup or roasted. Please try them raw. Cut up in salad, or grate them. The Kohlrabi will store well in the fridge. Check out 10 Surprising Benefits of Kohlrabi

Black Spanish Radish - honestly, I usually roast these radish. I love roasted veggies and they are so easy. I just rinse them and pop them into roast.  These radish have a lot of health benefits if you google them there is a lot of info. Here is a huffpost with a few recipes:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/cathy-erway/black-radish-recipes_b_2617652.html

Have a great week!