Week 31 (Nov 2 - 8) TapRoot 2015

Hello, members!

If you've been following the buzz, then you know that Devour! The Food Film Fest is here!

We love Devour and everything about it. It is about food and awareness and Nova Scotia and community and how everything is connected. We are proud to be among the sponsors of the Saturday evening gala film and dinner: Good things Await. Please consider joining us for all or part of this delicious four-day festival. Tickets are available HERE and there is a shuttle bus travelling back and forth between Halifax and Wolfville each day, leaving from the Delta Halifax. You can read all about it on the Devour! website: devourfest.com

Patricia and Josh are running around madly this week so this week's What's Happening is brought to you by Denise :)

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Happy November, everyone! smile emoticon
Here come the root vegetables--some of my favourite veggies. I have to admit, I looked at this recipe and thought, "buttercup squash tomato soup?" But then I made it. Delicious! So yummy, and perfect for the rainy ole day that was Sunday. (L)

Oh my word, these look delicious! Spicy honey mustard Brussels sprouts. Nom, nom, nom. (C)

I love pickled ginger, although I became completely spoiled when I traveled in Southeast Asia and tasted the real deal--so fresh and delicious. Anything store-bought now tastes boring. Luckily, I happened upon this great recipe for Japanese Pickled Ginger that is as close to anything I had overseas. Yay! It's great with sushi, but I also like it with fresh spring rolls. Try it. You'll love it. (R)


"What am I? Chopped liver?" Ouch. Liver gets a bad rap. It's actually a nutritional powerhouse that, when from a pasture-raised animal, is moister and tastier than the factory farmed equivalent. (Not to mention, no toxins from conventional feed and antibiotics.) Try it out in one of these pate recipes, you'll like it! (L)

This apple pie is... So. Delicious! (R)


Have a wonderful week, everyone! :)