Week 31 TapRoot CSA 2014

~  Week 31 ~ 

Quick Reminders:

Hello Members:

There is so much on the go. Wow! The end of October is here and the farm still hasn't experienced the first killing frost. What an amazing fall. Fresh tomatoes in late October is rare. Thanks for the support with the 2nd tomato sales. We continue to be thankful for the response when we have these last minute opportunities.

We have said our goodbyes to Amy, Pheobe, Melvin, Gerald and Louise. Thank you for all of the hard work this season on the farm!!! We wish them happy winter adventures:))

Falicia and I have spent a number of hours together lately sorting the accounts. We found many errors that have now been fixed and we have been gratefully receiving payment from members. Thank you for your patience with us. We really appreciate it! In moments like these I have a new awareness and respect for  the role of whole departments that work on accounts payable or accounts receivable or companies who have controllers (a new job that I'd never heard of before). It amazes me really! We are smaller potatoes - with Falicia working part time at book keeping and with me, or Josh, or up until not to long ago Teri, looking after accounts. Basically, THANK YOU!

November has many wonderful food/farm/life/culture events right here at home in Nova Scotia - we are so fortunate!

#1 Dr. Vandana Shiva will be here in Nova Scotia again. Everyone is welcome November 12th at Dalhousie. Please come out to this event!

#2 ACORN - in metro this year - there are a lot of sessions that might interest members - both ACORN and FSC.

#3 Food Secure Canada - in metro this year

#4 Devour Film Festival  - in Annapolis Valley  - and please come by the farm for a walk about the farm:)

This is one full month of November!!! It is a great time of year for us to rejunenate, learn, focus and contemplate.

Dilly Beans.....we noticed that some of the lids are rusty.....we think it is from the vinegar or the storage conditions. Either way inside that jar is a delicious treat. Check out the blog post: http://www.taprootfarms.ca/blog/post/Dilly-Beans-October-27-Nov-1-2014

A few pictures from around the farm......

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, October 26, 2014 - Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Have a great week!