Week 32 (Nov 9 - 15) TapRoot 2015

Happy Friday Everyone!

News from the farm:

I love this gift vibrant of colour while out for a walk with Lily. 

Josh talking transition to organic agriculture with Bill Pullman and Suzanne and Randy Balcolm.

Kim (new member of TapRoot team) and Bill at 451 Canard Street - TapRoot

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I'm a fan of spinach salad, but when the weather turns cooler, I want my food to be warmer. Spinach + garlic = delicious sautéed goodness.

Okay, no surprise that I'm posting a recipe for roasted cabbage, because roasted cabbage is so dang awesome. But this dish? Roasted savoy cabbage with apples, pine nuts, and cranberries? Oh my goodness. Just try it. You'll be glad you did.

Okay, y'all know I'm vegetarian but holy smokes, this chicken dopiaza (chicken & onion curry) looks good! I'll definitely be trying this with some Acadiana Soy tofu and I'd love to hear how this turns out with the chicken. Yum!


I know I just said I like warmer food in cooler weather but this Tuscan kale salad from Il Buco restaurant in NYC is too yummy not to make with the black/Tuscan/dinosaur kale coming in our share boxes this week. So. Good.

I've been vegetarian for 20 years. This weekend, Andy announced that he's decided he's going fully vegetarian, too. Wow! We had family dinner planned at our house this past weekend so that meant my carnivorous folks would be here. Typically, Andy would cook up a meat dish for such an occasion. Not on Sunday. I whipped up this delicious squash and spinach lasagna and it was a hit. Such a hit that I didn't have leftovers to take for lunch this week, but no matter--everyone left happy and satisfied with full bellies.


Have a wonderful week, everyone! I'm taking a three-week hiatus. While I'm trekking around Nepal, Justine will be posting delicious recipes for you to try and enjoy. Thanks, Justine! :)