Week 33 (Nov 16-22) TapRoot 2015

News from the farm: We have just launched, for seasonal giving, TapRoot Gift Certificates. You can check it out under sign-up. Feedback is welcomed as this is very new! 

Izaak and I headed to Church Point on Thursday to share the progress of the TapRoot Fibre Lab. It was such a beautiful drive! Great to be in a new place. I really wish I was bi lingual. Maybe one day I will apply myself to learning french.

We are settling in to the cooler weather here on the farm.

This week the honeycrisp had brown spots - these apples are so delicious - just peel them and eat away. Please don't let the markings scare you away - they are great but just don't look it.







Check out the week 33 meat share blog where you will find out what is in your meat share this week, the breakdown of the shares, news from the animal barn, and recipes. Find out more here.

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen - curated by Justine while Denise is away.

The Romanesco cauliflower is a bit nuttier than regular cauliflower. Make this simple Romanesco Cauliflower Mash, with greek yougurt and lemon juice for a lighter version of mashed potatoes. It also photographs really well!

The cooler weather always makes me feel like baking, try this Gluten Free Sour Cherry Cake. If you don't happen to have GF baking mix, you can easily replace it with unbleached white flour. 


We eat simple meals most nights, and the simplest of all would have to be roasted vegetable. Either with a piece of meat like in this recipe for Roasted Bone in Chicken Breast with Vegetables  or for a meatless meal try them with Polenta (cornmeal mash). Last year I bought a 25kg bag of organic cornmeal from Speerville Mills in New Brunswick and now try to cook as much cornmeal as possible. Polenta with roasted vegetables was a favorite meal of mine growing up. It's super quick to make and has endless flavor possibilities.

 Happy Cooking everyone! Have a great week!