Week 37 (Dec 14 - 20) TapRoot 2015

Happy Friday Members! ~ please take one minute to skim this~

Today is the last share making day until the New Year. Remember that next week and the week after we are on holiday. January 4 we start up again. 

This week the farm team also made up 650 boxes that went to 6 schools as a fundraiser. This is the second time we have participated in this pilot with Nourish Nova Scotia. The Nourish Your Roots fundraiser provides $10 per box to the school to support healthy eating initiatives in that school. Our role has been to source the veggies (some ours and some other farmers), provide the packing team and the box and transport to the schools. We will be evaluating how it all worked out - for us and for the schools and for Nourish. 

We do still have approximately 40 turkeys available. If you decide that you want one, email us, csa@taprootfarms.ca and we can have one ready for you for pickup - we can't deliver but they are here in the freezers. $3.75 per lb. All fed our NON GMO feed, raised outside and cared for by Richard. 

For the next two weeks, although we are meant to be 'on holiday', I will be finalizing year and and we will be sorting out how the whole year has worked out. Then we will make some decisions about next year. All to say, I do hope that before January 1st we have the shares launched for members only. And before that, please look for a member survey  for you to provide some direction on next season.

On a personal note, as you may already know, I turned 40 on the 12th. Josh, your #1 farmer and my #1 hubby, planned a surprise party for me. It was a blast - we were on the town in Halifax and Dartmouth Saturday eating and dancing and taking the ferry to new places. It was so great to share the day and evening with great friends/family and some friends who arrived in our lives because of the farm and the CSA. We'd love to get to know more of you!  If  you can join us at the farm house on Sunday  from 3-6 for Chili please do. Fire me off an email if you plan to attend so we have lots to fill our bellies.

We want to wish you a very happy time with your family and friends that is full of love and peace and good cheer! 

Hugs and Love,


(if you need anything - just call 902 670 3277 and where possible i really prefer text's and email csa@taprootfarms.ca)


Join us on the farm this Sunday for chili and mulled cider between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. We're celebrating the end of the harvest and the winter solstice--the lengthening of days, the promise of spring to come.




If turkey is on the menu for your holiday feast, we have free-range birds available through the Add-ons section.

Also, Isabel & Nelson at Rocky Top Farm in New Ross have free-range, naturally raised turkeys available. They are between 19 and 25lbs and are available for $4.25/lb. Check out this great farm here.



Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Hello, everyone! Denise here. I'm back in the recipe chair after a three-week hiatus. Thanks to Justine for taking over in my absence. If you're wondering where I went, you can read a bit about my trip to Nepal at the TapRoot Farms blog: http://taprootfarms.ca/blog


Now, onto holiday cooking. Yikes! I have used this recipe for cider vinaigrette roasted root veggies many times, including Christmas dinner last year. The veggies develop this delicious, caramelized glaze that in our house, means no leftovers.

Adding cranberries to Brussels sprouts adds a burst of colour that is perfect for your festive table. I roast the pecans and sometimes use dried cran-orange berries. The crumbled gorgonzola cheese is really nice but if you're not a fan of the blues, goat cheese works well, too. Pan-seared Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries

I  like to do "fancy" potatoes for special occasions and these oven roasted parmesan potatoes always do the trick. They're crispy and tasty and the fresh rosemary is pungent and flavourful. Again with the no leftovers problem, though. They all disappear!

I used to think Christmas puddings were hard until I actually made one. Turns out, they're easy. And so delicious! Continuing along the root vegetable theme, try this carrot pudding recipe for your holiday feast. It's like carrot cake but more so--more dense, more moist, more deliciousness. I've made it with the brown sugar sauce, which is great, but I made it once with a whiskey sauce and it was over the top. 


As 2016 draws near, I want to wish you all a warm and blessed holiday with loved ones. See you in the New Year!