Week 4 TapRoot 2015

News from the farm:


It's Okay 2 Git Outside Day

The best ideas are often simple ones.

We are a tough people, but this past winter has been brutal. Painful. Demoralizing. Brutal. Let's rise above it, Nova Scotia!

A group of like-minded citizens came together and talked about an idea that we're now calling ‪#‎itsok2gitoutsideday‬. It's about... getting outside! We felt that if there was ever a time, this was it.

Here's how it works:

1. Wheel your BBQ to your front lawn.
2. Buy some local food.
3. Invite your neighbours, whether you know them or not.

And let's all celebrate our amazing place, at this amazing time, with some Nova Scotian food and spirit!

Need some recipe inspiration? Check out these scrumptious sausage recipes:

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Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Root vegetable soup is normally a winter thing for me but with that white stuff falling from the sky today, it seems like a good day to post this really lovely recipe for Celeriac & Apple Soup (pictured left).

I love this cabbage & potato curry (pictured right) after yoga class, when I'm feeling especially good and want to enjoy a healthy meal that's not too heavy. And fast. Because when I come home from yoga I am famished! And delicious. Did I mention it's delicious?
- If I haven't made the brown rice the night before, I'll enjoy it with basmati.
- The recipe calls for mustard oil. If you don't have mustard oil (like me), soak mustard seeds overnight and blend to a paste with white vinegar or wine. Top up with olive or sunflower oil.


Having friends over for dinner this weekend? This is the dish. With the cold, cloudy, and drizzly weather this week, I want comfort food. I've made this butternut squash and spinach lasagna (pictured left) several times and it's always a hit. Especially with Andy. And Betty and Evelyn have taken care of the prep work for us--no squash to peel. :)

I'm not going to say I've made this "Best Chicken Stew" (pictured centre) because I'm vegetarian and don't make chicken stews, but I do know that any recipe I've tried from America's Test Kitchen has been make-again good. And blogger Hip Foodie Mom says it's good. (I like her recipes, too.) So I think this is probably a sure bet for your stewing hens this week.

Earlier week, I stopped by The Rolled Oat Cafe in Wolfville on my way to work and bought an apple date muffin. It was still steaming. And it was to-die-for. It's been on my mind ever since. So I went searching for a recipe and am going to give this one a try this weekend. Even if it's close, it will be delicious


Happy Eating!