Week 4: TapRoot CSA

 Here it is the end of Week 4 of our summer journey together. This week you got some fresh garlic that you can eat as fresh or you can set it out someplace where the warm breeze will pass by it and help it to cure for use later on. Last week when we were thinking of what to put in the shares I was dreaming of Nova Scotia Hodge Podge. If you haven't had it, please give it a try. This blog post recognizes Marie Nightingales cookbook and recipe (https://www.eastcoastfoodstories.ca/blog/2017/8/20/nova-scotian-hodge-podge). Marie was recognized as one of Canada's Slow Food Heroes.  

On the farm right now things are growing so fast. Josh and the farm team are working to fight the weeds while staying ahead of the ripening produce.  Today Josh is harvesting cilantro, turnip greens and rhubarb. While others are harvesting garlic, sweet cherries, beets, peas, beans, zucchini, cucumbers and grape tomatoes. The sweet corn has started too. 

The share list has been posted.  You can log in, check what is coming in your share and then if you wish to purchase any additional items, you are welcome to do so. We have a good inventory of meat available and other vegetables. 

Tomorrow we are hosting a garlic u-pick for anyone interested in coming to harvest garlic (see facebook event)  and next weekend we are hosting the celebration a for Jamaican Independence day.  

We hope you have a great weekend.

Take Good Care! 

Things are full on here at the farm.