Week 4 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter

Good Day Shareholders!

The farm is in full swing right now and we are all thankful for the warmer weather... I think!

At present I am mostly seeding, watering the greenhouse and doing chores close to the farmhouse.  The pigs are basking in the sun on the sunny days, the chickens are out until dusk most nights, and the geese have gone back to the pond after a recent raccoon scare that resulted in them being in a pen for a while.  Seeding is a constant process.  Whenever there is time I find myself seeding.  There are many varieties of seeds in trays in both of the greenhouses and both are at capacity.  Soon the seeded trays will be in tunnels.

I wish you all a great 2014 filled with lots of healthy farm produce and other great stuff.  See you when you come to the farm.

--Tim R.


Phones: From Patricia

Hello CSA Members!
A note on administration.....when you call our house/farm 542 3277 you will now be greeted by my voice and 5 options.....I am sort of bashful about this because it seems so 'big', but it is actually one of the least expensive options and seems the easiest in terms of phone numbers flying around. Teri moved into a newly/roughly renovated office in Canard and Falicia moved to a new space in Greenwich. This provides space for Justine, Amy, Tim, Josh and me still in the home office. This move also created a phone and internet line reality. So, please try not to be annoyed by the new auto attendant at 542 3277. It is meant to be helpful and effective for everyone. (I say this because we get annoyed by them:)
Just so you know, press 1 for Justine, Amy, Tim, Patricia, Josh, children, press 2 for Teri in Canard, press 3 for Falicia in Greenwich, press 4 for Josh's cel, press 5 for Patricia's cel. Phew! Have a great day....Please provide feedback too please:))
SO, the only number you need to remember is 542 3277:))

New Green Happenings Around the Farm - By Amy

This time of year the little things that are greening up make a big difference. The tiniest corner of green on a mini fiddle head that's just emerging makes me oooh and aaaah.

One of the projects I am tending to this season is the herbs and horticultural gardens. These are mainly perennials; plants that come back year after year. They all fall into one of the following categories: wild, edible, for teas or just for looks.

This afternoon, cleaning up the remains of winter over at Swallows Nest I did some scavenging. We are lucky, this farm has had a history of being nurtured for biodiversity.  Even vigorous introduced species like stinging nettle, which has quite a presence on the farm, has really special value because of its powerful healing uses for humans.

You'll soon see... (Click here to READ MORE)

Welcome to the second week of the 2014-2015 TapRoot meat share!

This week your share contains:

A whole Free Range Chicken from Longspell Point Farm.

A pound of ground pork or pack of 2 pork chops from here at the farm.

A pack of Cumberland sausages made with TapRoot pork by Helen and family at Salmontail sausages.

Ingredients of the sausages: TapRoot pork, water, rusk, salt, pepper, sage, marjoram, cayenne, nutmeg, and mace.

Cost breakdown of your share:

Whole chicken @ $5.35/lb, average weight 4.67lbs,                      $25.00

Ground Pork @ $4.50/lb, 1 lb packs $4.50

or Pork Chops @ $6.25/lb average weight 1 lb,                             $6.25 or $4.50

Cumberland sausages @ $8.50/lb, 1 lb packs                                 $8.50

                                                                                        Total: $38.00 - $39.75

TapRoot animal update:

Nathan has been working on a new mobile layer coop called an 'Eggmobile'. This will be their summer home, where they will lay their eggs and roost at night. During the day, they will forage around outside and daily or weekly the Eggmobile will be moved to a new patch of grass. This works particularly well when mixed with the rotation of cattle. The cattle first graze an area, then are moved to a fresh patch of pasture. The Eggmobile follows them, the chickens scratch around in the cow patties for larva and at the same time acting as a manure spreader, making the manure more evenly spread out. We are getting 5 beef cattle from a farmer down the road this year, so it'll be great to see this method in action.Ducks arroving at the farm

The ducks arrived at the farm last week, 100 of them, hatched by Jack Jarvis of Salmontail River farm. Until this year we have been buying in our ducks from Bergs hatchery in Manatoba. It's great to be able to support a new venture from a young farmer in our area. Here is a picture of a few more ducks that Helen (Jacks mom) brought to top up the numbers.

Our first flock of Free Range chickens will be ready for the meat share at the end of May. Until then we will be buying chicken from Longspell Point Farms in Kingsport. This year we have increased our quota, and so should have enough to get us through the winter with our own birds. Under our free range license, we're only to have chickens first of April to the end of November, this is because the birds must have access to fresh outdoor forage.    

If you have questions or comments please e-mail me (Justine) at Justine@taprootfarms.ca.

Hope you enjoy your meat share and have a great few weeks!

New Add on: Achillea (Yarrow) Perennial

$5.00 - Hardy perennial plants grown from seed at TapRoot, ready to be transplanted to your space. Varying shades of red. A great addition to your garden. Butterflies love them. Achillea prefer well drained soil in full sun, but do well in less ideal conditions. -Tim C.

Note from Noggins - By Adrien

The crews were up nice and early this morning to take advantage of the calm weather to finish up a multi-day project on the farm.  Just as the breeze was starting to pick up around 9AM everyone started lashing down the plastic covering for all the raspberry tunnels.  This is no small task!  It takes an entire crew to first get the frame of the tunnel up and then haul the plastic up and over the tunnels that are 30-40 feet high and hundreds of metres long! It has to be done quickly and efficiently and we're lucky that our crew have done this job every year.  Why cover up the raspberries?  We grow several different varieties, all of which mature and bear fruit at different points in the season.  By protecting our canes from wind, cold and rain we encourage our early bearing varieties to ripen earlier and can convince our later bearing varieties to keep going when the weather turns cool in the autumn.  This way we can offer fresh, beautiful raspberries to everyone for a much longer time.  When you're eating fresh raspberries in your fruit share in the summer, remember that the fruit in your hand began in mid-April when the Noggins Farm crew got a kickstart on warm weather for the raspberry plants!


A couple of items may be new to you this week: Celeriac and Sunchokes:

Celeriac looks like this:

Sunchokes look like this:

A couple of Celeriac recipes

All about Sunchokes/Jerusalem Artichokes and recipes, too!

We will make sure to post recipes for both all week on the TapRoot Farms facebook page, so check those out for lots more support with these delicious, less-common veggies!

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, April 20, 2014 - Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meat Share 2014

50 Week Veggie Share 2014

Egg Share 2014

Fruit Share 2014 *As noted above, extra items in this week's share due to the brown Ambrosia last week, apologies!*

CSA Member Rubber Boot Spring Tour - Last Saturday - By Patricia

CSA members really make a day wonderful!  On Saturday we had a one hour tour around the farm at 2 PM. The best part of Saturday's tour for me, no offense adults, was the kids. The kids were excited and running and playing and talking and asking questions and exploring. Here are a few pictures of our time together.

This little one is a twin. She and her twin + parents arrived via bike wagon from Canning. Her little eyes were darting all around taking it all in.

Steve was harvesting Jerusalem Artichokes when we came along. Josh got down to dig some up for us to see. They are in this weeks share. These ones we planted in rows to see how the size and quality would turn out. They turned out really well compared to previous years in terms of size. I haven't tried one yet so we will have to see how the flavour goes. Let us know what you think:))  (READ MORE)

Have a great week!  -- The TapRoot Team