Week 40 (Jan 18-24) TapRoot 2016

Josh and I nearly have the seed order complete. I will share with you what we have ordered and then you are welcome to fire off additional suggestions. (are most of you facebook users? i could list it there and then easy to interact with the feedback)

Items you would like for the online members meeting that have been sent along so far:

Please send along any items you'd like for us to address in the meeting (csa@taprootfarms.ca) - i will add them to the list.

Also, when will work best for this meeting and how? Please let us know what day and time works best from there options.  I am working on the how. Seems online meetings are expensive. Hummm....how many of you are planning to join? Please do the poll and then we will have a sense of how many to plan for.

You can see the survey results to date here: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ec2h00ahij099sv3/results

The text responses to the members survey as raw data from the survey are below in this newsletter for your review. It is really exciting that so many of you took the time to complete the survey - thank you!!!

We have our 3/4 report done to share but i don't know how to make a pdf link for you so that will need to wait until next week. (I think I need extreme part-time tech support - barter opportunity)

We had baby goats this week. They are really cute. Also three sows that are ready to give birth soon. Veggies and all are good too.  So many more things to say but will end here:) Have a lovely rest of your week.  Patricia

Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

Wasn't last weekend's mild weather a nice treat? With the chill back in the air and celeriac coming in our veggie boxes this week, I thought I'd share one of my favourite ways to use this funny looking but truly delicious root vegetable. If you haven't had celeriac before, it tastes really fresh and a bit like a cross between celery and parsley. This celeriac & apple soup from Jamie Oliver is so easy and so yummy. I use whatever apple variety is in my share box and it's a winner every time.

Sweet Mama squash is a hybrid of the Kabocha. Want to read up on your winter squash? Follow this link to a great article on all kinds of varieties.

Yum! I still have a leek left over from last week's veggie box. I'm definitely trying this Big (Sweet) Mama mash this week. It sounds delicious!

Bosc Pear Bread? Yes! It's sweet and delicious and goes just perfectly with a cuppa masala chai on a snowy winter day.

Andy and I belong to a dinner club. Every few months we get together and share a meal centred around a particular country. We pick the country by spinning the globe and pointing--this has resulted in some very interesting cuisine! Last winter we hosted a Chinese dinner and these pork ginger potstickers were served to great acclaim. I'm vegan, so didn't try them, but I promise they were a huge hit with our friends.

Have a great week, everyone. Happy cooking! :)


Text Responses to Member Survey January 2016

1. How long have you been a member of TapRoot Farms CSA? - Comments
Love it!
First year was just a 36 week share of veggie and fruit
And we absolutely LOVE it!
I think.
Love being a member.
My mother has had a share since 2013 and I used to live with her, I recently moved out with my partner so it's my first share living on my own
Just one month as we picked up someone else's share
The variety seemed a bit better this year and the fruit was excellent.
This year I opted for The Full Monty
I was an active member in 2010 & 2011, but left because I knew I wouldn't make full use of the winter shares (we're just not that in to cabbage and turnip). I re-activated my membership this past fall to purchase fish shares from Off the Hook.
We joined because of the Off the Hook fisheries connection.
Second time with a break between
It is awesome! My whole family now has shares and we are all extrememly happy and satisfied.
We've tried veggie shares, staple shares, meat shares, and egg shares (as well as the occasional add-on).
I think it is my 3rd or 4th year. Can't remember.
i think
I think it was 2013 I was a member and then skipped a year. This is my second full year.
Gift from Josh/Trish
I am a new member this year but was a frequent purchaser at the mini stand outside the truck in the previous year.
we've had different kinds of shares over the years.
Wish I had of joined sooner!
It is truly a joy and priviledge to be associated with TapRoot Farms as a CSA member ;)
We really enjoyed our first experience as CSA member. We received the Full Monty and loved the variety of vegetables, fruit and meat that we had in our boxes each week. We learned to can foods, freeze greens and lots of new recipes from this experience!
It has been a great year!
My husband and I were attracted by the fact we could order a small share for the two of us.
I think....
Last year we had fruit and veggie shares and this year (our 2nd) we have a Full Monty
I think? It's been at least 5 :)
this is our second year although there were a few years in between our first and second.
with a one year break
Can it be 7 years? This weekly box has contributed immensely to our overall great health.No colds here!
I think.
We have been on and off for the past 4 years.
Our first year we had the veggies, fruit, meat and eggs. We found it hard to use all the fruit and we got tired of all of the frozen whole chickens. We still have a few in the freezer. So for 2015 we opted only for the smaller veggie share, which resulted in less waste.
I think it's our 3rd, could be 4th?
2. How did you learn about Taproot Farms CSA?     - Other responses
Family member
off the hook
Reading about CSAs
Researched local organic options
ecology action website?
through Highland Drive Storehouse
Read about clean eating and searched up CSAs online
Seaport Farmer's Market
Searched online for a CSA
I researched CSAs in the area and came across taproot
I googled it :)
Gottigen Street drop off
At the grainery
From a coworker
mosaic market
Taproot information booth at nscc
Saltscapes article
Looked up Csa in the area
Donation to childrens daycare at the time
I know you
Referred from Natures Route Farm
At the Historic Farmer's Market
Saw an ad in the Grapevine
Seaport Market
Off the Hook
Internet search
Searched out CSAs in Halifax on the internet.
google search
Looked online for CSA's in NS
Community Centre
google search
Nourish Nova scotia fundraiser
family member
Through Off the Hook
Healthy workplace committee presentation
Web Searches
Brochure at Martock Glen Farm
Brochure at the PRCC
Article in Chronical Herald
google search when I first heard about what CSAs were in a food documentary.
List published by Haligonia.ca
Off the Hook Fisheries
Trish and Josh
Brochure at "The Grainery"
Organic Ag Centre staff
Advertisement at PRCC
we went looking for something like it.
My mother
Found online
Google Search for a CSA
Ecology action centre few list
josh knows jeff :)
from a friend and websearch
Ad on bulletin board at the Grainery.
A friend who was a previous customer
Josh Oulton
Google search :)
HP Farm market
A food blog by the EAC
Ecology Action Center website
grainery co-op
I searched the internet for a csa
slow foods ns event
general promotion about CSAs
Local Source
Off the Hook
Because of CSF
Another CSA member
Local word of mouth
Staff Party at Taproot: Pig roast
Google Search engine
Farmer's Market
email advertisement at work
I googled "Halifax CSA"
See comment
family member works for Taproot
Google search
Chronicle herald
Google search for csa
search engine
The news
List of local CSAs on a website
through Off the Hook
I googled looking for a csa
through my holistic nutrition course, I Google csa, and taproots came up.
As a kind gift from the Oultons
first lake early learning centre
At the market
knowing the Bishop family
I was interested in the CSA philosophy after reading about it online. Google se
info. in PW library
Wanted to support local and eat local.
We previously got a weekly food box from Home Grown Organic Foods so we were looking for a replacement after they closed.
Had been involved with off the hook since it's inception
My co-worker mentioned having a farm share, when I googled it Taproots was the first result that I came across that I felt comfortable signing up with (good website presentation, easy to register, lots of great info)
Rural delivery magazine
I first heard about taproot from a client and then looked at the website. Spoke to a representative at saltscapes last year.
From our daughter
Heard about through PRCC
Have been aware of it from the start from being deliveries being made around town and shipping at market, local source etc. But we never subscribed bc we go away for a good portion of the summer. Took the opportunity to takeover someone elses share in late Nov 2015 so we could try it out.
I was interested in CSA's after an episode of Good Eats and was delighted to find them available in Nova Scotia
Searched for local CSAs on internet
Article in Chronicall Herald.
Also by visiting starrs point, Did a lot of research on who could offer what we wanted from a csa. Also, undergrad friend of Rhea's :)
heard about CSA from nutritionist Wendy McCallum's Simple Balance facebook group. Took over the CSA shares from a group member who was moving out of province.
My mother, Holly Crooks, is a huge fan and has started brought taproots to quite a few people's attention.
Was looking for a CSA to join.
From Michelle Amero
I knew I wanted a CSA so I searched for local options. I'd had Taproot produce before and been happy with it.
Family friend since our youth
My sister and neighbor loved it so much so I would go up to the truck when they picked up their shares to buy from the extras (pre Justine).
Looked up CSAs in the area - and TapRoots delivered to the Prospect!
We were members of Off the Hook previously.
Do you remember years ago when Patricia and Josh made a presentation to the Valley Gardeners?
I was looking for a CSA to join, ACORN pointed me to Taproot
Facebook I think
A friend in Victoria had a weekly veggie delivery box so we googled similar programs in Nova Scotia and found you online.
I'm a member at the Grainery
Originally, from a friend of my daughter, I think, and then I looked and found you online....definitely 'word of mouth'
We were interested in a CSA for quite some time and I did some research 2 years ago, this year I searched different NS CSA's and bit the bullet.
Patricia's TedX Talk
I researched the best available local veggie and meat CSA
I was looking for a CSA and searched for a local delivery nearby
A friend of mine volunteered out at the farm a few summers ago and was a CSA member and love it.
A friend's co-worker used to work at TapRoot, and my friend would share the amazing garlic bulbs with me that his co-worker brought to the office. I can still remember how hefty and dreamy those garlic bulbs were! Friends at La Leche League were also members, and one was employed as a share pick-up helper, and she tipped me off when the shorter season sign up became available. That's how I got in!
3. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with us? - Comments
I would say "Love It" except I found the Egg Share this year a bit expensive.
We never eat any of the different veggies ie. Celeriac,Kolrabi,fennel etc so we end up tossing it in the green bin. I wish their was a basic veggie staple with more variety.
Loved being with TapRoot. Have noticed a decline in our satisfaction since Terri left. Communications from the office are not as cheery, positive, and helpful. It was helpful receiving the share items directly in the weekly email and now have to visit the website to see what we are receiving in the box. Also, the general mood of newsletters leave a stressful feeling with us. We have loved seeing Justine every week and the market at Prospect.
2 things. 1 being that I wish the recipes were easier to search rather than having to scroll through them all by date. 2 I am only one person and gave the cya a try this year in order to support local but have found the amount to be overwhelming at times. As it is hard to split a share perhaps offer bi-weekly for singles. I know many people that would join up who are one person.
With some exceptions the previous 3 years have been great. That all ended this year due to the egg shortage and the fact that our "meat" share became a chicken share. Furthermore, every package of sausage we received was bombarded with salt. When we did get bacon (which was rare) it was almost always filled with fat - maybe 10% meat - which is unacceptable to us. We know this is a community endeavour with risks but there must be some minimum quality standard.
Wish there was a little bit more variety with meat and full dozen eggs
The level of customer service has dropped off a lot.
Sometimes we don't know what to do with the veggies but we are getting better at finding recipies (newsletter and such) to help us cook up the vegies.
The first year we were very happy with the shares. This past year however the quality has deteriorated dramatically. The apples seem to be "seconds" and there are far too many. (Every week)
I'm very happy with my share, however I find I can never get through the amount of apples in my fruit share. In this coming season I will happily keep going with my veggie share and add on fruit shares as needed. I am LOVING the added option of fish shares this year.
Happy-ish with share, structural issues drive me crazy sometimes.
Too much cabbage, but other than that, fabulous
Overall really love my share. Like trying to figure out how to use all the yummy food we get (and to do it with as little waste as possible).
I'm still on the fence about whether I'll sign up again for next year. Between the inflexibility if I miss a pick up window (have lost 3 weeks so far), payment reminders that threaten to halt delivery (I was 2 weeks overdue only), and to a lesser degree, the greater amount of bad apple or close to bad apple this year as opposed to previous ones I am not sure Taproot is for us. I'm pretty disappointed, really, as I really enjoyed being a member in previous years
I signed up for the weekly fish delivery having been told that pickups would be on Saturdays at the Farmer's Market. I don't live in Halifax but this fit perfectly with my weekly trip into the city. That the deliveries were late starting is understandable, but the change in pick up location and day didn't work for me at all. The fish was never kept in the freezer at The Grainery, where I'd asked for it to be held - every time I tried to pick it up there, the staff had no idea where it was.
We are really really happy, we could really use a little less of the apples and pears, yet we know this is unavoidable in the maritimes so we have adapted our eating habits and I learned to make jam!!
This mainly due in part to the struggle we as a family are having to switching over and learning to eat what comes to us
I felt left hanging with the move of off the hook.I was interested in some of the offerings of Tap Root over the fall but was not sure of how to identify myself "member" ? number ? account? We belong to another Veg & fruit CSA an thought perhaps we would consolidate veg,fruit & fish in 2016 but with what we believe was limited,confusing and unwelcoming communication with the move of off the hook we are still researching what we will do in 2016
I'm OK with the product I'm just unsatisified with the fact that because everything comes pre-washed things mould easier. I'm ok with washing the dirt off myself if that means that my produce lasts longer.
It was wonderful when we started a few years ago. We've noticed a decline in the great customer service, the prices seem higher (or we are more money-minded now), and food options are just not as varied as we'd like. We've weighed the options, financially, and don't believe we can continue with a CSA with Taproot after this year. We are sad to leave, but just can't swing it anymore.
Best decision ever!
I feel there could be improvements, eg the month of chicken in the meat share.
We likely took on too many shares. We aren't making full use of them
I feel that as Taproot grows and expands, the focus is shifting away from the produce and towards the other ventures.
i wish there was an option for a may-oct share. i find its too much of a commitment for 50 wks
I do miss the ability to change delivery dates (ie to skip a week when I'm away and get a double box the next week) but I do understand that as busy as you are you can only deal with so many changes. We travel a fair bit and I can usually find someone to pick up my boxes on the weeks I miss. Perhaps it would be nice to have a shorter year option so that we could get a few weeks of vacation in addition to the weeks that you take.
Getting to the pick-up destination with just one hour time slot for pick-up was not convenient.
Not always thrilled with the lack of variety from week to week considering the cost. Things end up getting thrown out.
many veggies we dont like. same with the meat share.
I was really happy with the half-year share, when we were getting it. I fully appreciate why that ended, but as mentioned above, I didn't want to waste food (and money) in the winter.
I have found the quality of the shares to decrease in recent years.
Sometimes became a little overwhelmed by the number of apples and pears but they were delicious so we always found ways to use them up
But I am just don't seem to be organized enough to use everything. I never eat that many potatoes and really want to like Swiss chard and beets but I don't. I love the carrots, apples, greens and so much more.
Just wish there was a bit more variety but I know that's coming in the future and am very satisfied with everything now.
We're thinking of stopping our meat share because it's always a whole chicken. Also, we're disappointed with the accounting. I'm never sure what's in my account. I thought I had paid everything and was sent an email that I paid too much. Now, my account says I'm short.
We are new to the CSA concept of having our fruits and veggies chosen for us. Some items leave us scratching our heads, others we don't like get taken to work for someone else to make use of. Then some surprise us as tasty treats.
I have been a member of Sunroot in the past, I really loved that particular model.
We've been highly satisfied and happy with shares in the past but have noticed a significant decline in the past two years, particularly with the lack of variety in the meat shares (but we still consider the meat to be very high quality).
Too many apples!!! We get the small fruit and the small veggie shares which are awesome, but sometimes we end up with 6lbs of apples!!! It would be nice if you could limit us to a 3lb bag:-)
Value is only OK. Sometimes the veggies we get are lower quality than those for the same price at the farmer's market. If anything, members should get a slight discount to reflect the financial commitment and the willingness to accept what you choose to put in the box.

Also, I do not want apple juice in my VEGGIE box - especially at the price charged. I would be happy to accept whole apples, but not juice.

Nettles were a wonderful surprise - we loved them!
i am finding that more veggies than we can eat and a lot of the veggies are ones i am trying to learn to cook and cannot find a way that we like them..so the chickens are well fed:)
Good variety, overall happy.
We're somewhere between really happy and it's ok
We look forward to getting the weekly box. We rarely check in advance to see what we're getting so it's like a weekly present.
The produce is good. The administration side of things, not so great.
Still struggle with the shares in the winter time and lack of variety. Also, have had questions from friends about how much of the produce we receive is grown by Taproot and how much is from other farms. Would like more info on how much is organic and your approach to organic farming.
It's like Christmas each week. Love it. I have tried things I have never had before! Colrabi (sp?), sun chokes (yum!) and celeriac (also yum) and nettle (YUM!) to name a few....

I do not love dandelion greens though. They go right to the green bin... lol.
I love our csa except for the plethora of apples we get. Even the fruit share in general has consistently been quite large for us (with the exception of summer berries!), but we especially feel like there are just way too many apples.
I found that the quality and diversity of the foods in our boxes was not as good in year three as it was the first two years.
The variety of winter vegetables is much better in last two years than before.
We didn't expect so many substitutes but more staples like potatoes or peppers, mushrooms and such. The variety was fantastic otherwise
Being a one person household, I find it challenging to use all of my fresh produce from a smaller veggie & smaller fruit share. I happily give some away to friends & family and still find it economical for the quality I'm receiving. I wonder if it is a deterrent for other possible interested folk? Perhaps a "Singles" box option that included Fruit AND veg might be nice? (Surely you could come up with a better name than that haha)
We primarily joined for the fish.
I really have only used Taproot for the CSF share; so this is a bit different...but have been happy.
There are some foods are too repetitive week after week.
I do however enjoy not haveing to go to the grocerie store much, having fresh food and supporting local.
Love the variety of healthful, tasty produce ;)
Of course I'd say I'd love to get more kale and Lorne would say "less kale, please" so I think you must have it just about right ;)
I loved my shares the first year. This year I had to purchase onions and potatoes on a regular basis. Since these are staples I was expecting them more often.
I can't say enough about how incredible TapRoot Farms is! I feel exceptionally lucky to be a part of your farm. Since joining the CSA I find myself constantly raving about it to others and working to help friends, family, and the odd stranger to find a CSA that works for them. I've looked up many CSA's in NS and ON, and although there are lots of excellent farms out there, I have yet to find one that comes close to offering what you do! The value in what you offer is unreal!
I was more pleased the first three years but found a big difference this past year. Too many changes and poorer quality of food especially fruit shares. I also got Chickened out. not enough variety for the price we pay in the meat share.
Overall pleased, as a first-timer who didn't know what to expect. However, was disappointed by the lack of variety of meat and poor quality of some fruit (we received inedible fruit more than once, and a lot of summer fruit was very under-ripe, peaches in particular).
We have been a little disappointed in that quality of some veggies/fruit less than expected for fresh from the Valley (a few rotten tomatoes, very small odd shaped carrots, tiny apples) and hard to identify some less familiar veggies/herbs. Wish bags were labelled or list included perhaps? However also pleased to try some of those unfamiliar veggies and most in the share was in good shape.
I'm struggling to get these yummy veggies cooked and eaten up. I would appreciate suggestions to preserve them. Also maybe a rating of how well a recipe might freeze. My life is hectic and I really only get one day a week in the kitchen to cook. Weeknights are grab and go. I'm not complaining, just busy. Ha ha
We love our share and are really happy with the variety, the recipe sharing and the communication from you about farm activities and processes. Also, very happy to be sourcing our food locally and to be connected with our food producers.
In have the full Monty and think it's too much meat (chicken) for us.
I did not appreciate an email detailing how my share may be cut off if I did not pay a certain amount by a certain date. I believe this email could have been worded much better.
Difficult to comment re CSA because I just get the Off the Hook fish
This is an ideal way to eat. Vegetable soups rather than animal protein. Great for senior well being.
Noticed a lot of veggies are smaller lass quantity this year
I am constantly referring others
Love the service. My goal was to use the service to expose myself to produce I may not be familiar with and that worked.
Our only glitch is that we recently discovered a potato intolerance in our household (Brian), which means we sadly give away our potatoes when they come in the share :(
I love the weekly emails and the share information is always available on time and the staff are all very helpful. The place we pick up from is always helpful and things are communicated well. The food is delicious and for the most part varied. The only issue we had was the lack of variety in the meat share.
Sometimes I can't figure out what to do with all the cabbage...but I keep trying!
The meat share looks more diverse this year. We are considering adding it next year.
4. Do you read the newsletters?     - Other responses
I skim them
Scan through them
Sometimes. Miss a few when my email volume is especially high.
Most times
About half the time
about 1/2 of the time, but always the top notes.
I would if the shares list was for the following week
Sometimes, I find there are too many emails
only when time allows, but I prefer to
I skim them
too long
2 wee ones and I love to but only sometimes ;-(
Unsure I got one.
I would have liked to but they weren't sent to me
sometimes, or pick what I want
sometimes, when I have time! I try to.
for the most part
I skim them.
Sometimes I only have time to scan
most weeks
i would have, but i didn't receive them and never got around to seeking them out
Sometimes, they are a bit long.
Partially. May miss a week here or there. Usually scan it over quickly
I skim them and read some bits that interest me.
5. How are we doing? Please rate how we are doing on the following list and please provide ideas for improvement if you have any.     - Comments
I think the egg share is on the expensive side, although I understand why.
We get something rotten or close to it at least once a month.
Only have fish
Having compared the share to the seaport market price item for item multiple different weeks I really don't see the value of the share, and quality seems worse than market. Also lacking the desired variety.
I haven't had to deal to much with the people behind the scenes (good thing) but as i said in a previous comment the volume of food for me has been too much but that is solely because I am a single person otherwise I would imagine it would be rather spot on. though sometimes it would be nice to take a break from having repeats of the same fruit of veg for a number of weeks.
Price: alright would be an average across all 5 years.

This year's share:
Customer service: pretty good
Professionalism: pretty good
Quality/quantity of veg: did not get veg
Understanding customers' needs: could be better
price: really bad, given the quality and range of meat
In our opinion you have explained too much at times. You do not have to explain and apologize for things you cannot control. When you are involved in shares, you get your shares worth, unreasonable for people to be so demanding. I do not like the Facebook group page, that is one part I have not enjoyed.
a bit of mold on some of the vegies this year but nothing bad. Thanks.
The price point would be great if the quality was top notch. I understand that here and there we may come across the odd bruised fruit but every week there was l/is something sub oar
Had some issues at the beginning and found it hard to get in touch with anyone/ took a few emails to get a response
I had a few mix ups over a couple of weeks when I switched locations, but this was all handled well, and everything worked out in the end.
We love the produce and understand yields change by year, but we get more cabbage than we can typically eat or want to eat.
Everything we've bought was fairly priced, but the fish shared just aren't quite competitively priced.
Only reason I didn't give price an awesome was because of the price of eggs.
The veggies are usually very good and the fruit is usually good. There is a lack of variety though, especially with fruit. So. Many. Apples.
You guys are awesome and we could not ask for anything better!Local produce and meat delivered to us is incredible!
For quantity, we will most likely get a larger vegetable share next year. It was a good start this year with the small vegetable share.
Any concerns I have had have been (although there have not been many! :) were handled quickly and professionally. <3
I do get frustrated with the Facebook comments on the full Monty group because people are so quick to complain and never talk about what a great opportunity the CSA is to feed quality food to your family, We took a couple of years to make the decision but the biggest push was to feed our daughter fresh local produce like my husband and I were brought up on. There is nothing like a "real" carrot.
The customer service is not as good as it used to be. I feel the tone of some notices are not upbeat and understanding. I could be wrong but it feels like there are less veggies. The quality is exceptional. The quality of the fruit shares is not as good. The quality of the meat share is not as good. This means the value of the shares is not as good.
Sometimes I get boxes that have the vegetables from the previous week instead on what is currently listed on the website
Too many apples...
Overall everything is has been as expects. Several times we've received food (apples in particular) that are not edible. Brown and mealy and had to be thrown out. The quality of the foods received in the staple share are rarely great. The veggie and fruit shares are generally very good though.
Perhaps it's naive of me but we do travel a lot and I'm used to buying fresh produce at markets in Europe,Vancouver, Mexico and Ontario when we are away. I'm amazed at how much cheaper everything from the farms (ie at markets is) vs the grocery stores and always find it peculiar that here in NS it's often more expensive to eat local. Still I find it worth it and am happy to support local.
Too many mix-ups with add-ons this year.
My responses are based on my experiences in 2010-2011
Selection could be improved.
The variety of offerings seems less varied and the quality is not as good.
I love it... It just doesn't work for me yet with a baby and toddler
I hope if Taproot increases its price point, it will do so in small increments. I noticed a 70% increase all at once with another farm's prices. It's tempting to serve only the elite who can pay anything but I hope the farms will not cater to the wealthy in the future as may be the case above. To keep the prices where a broader swath of the public can afford them while getting a good return would be the goal as the situation with global warming kicks in more and more. Maybe a sliding scale?
Turn around on response to emails could be a little bit faster. Even an auto responder to say "your email will be returned on Thursday, our office day" would be helpful.

As I mentioned above, I had been a member of Sunroot which divides their shares a bit differently and also has provisions for things you just don't like - like parsnips. No one in our house will even sniff a parsnip. I have to give them away. With Sunroot there was a "trading table" - I could avoid the dreaded parsnip! Lol
I only purchased off the hook fish.
Very happy with my share. I think prices for veggies are comparable to the grocery store but when you factor in that it is local, mostly organic, picked for you (i.e. I don't need to waste time in the grocery store) there is a huge added value.
Do no have vegetable share this year.
Overall I am very pleased with quantity and quality. The reason I did not rate awesome quality is due to "moldy veg" being sent and preceded with an email saying just cut it off and enjoy. I would not knowing purchase moldy veg at a store. I realize it is difficult during non growing season to regulate quantity, sometimes when picking up the delivery the amount is less than what was stated in the notice as well as less in colder season.
Please no apple juice in the veggie box. it is too expensive, and we do not want fruit juice anyway.

Quality of veggies is sometimes not as good as what you sell at the farmer's markets for the same price.

share contents for following week needs to be posted consistently on the previous Friday. It isn't.
We felt overwhelmed with some items like apples, which we especially found hard to keep up with because they weren't always good eating apples.
I ordered extra things a few times this summer, and the order was never right. Sometimes things were substituted, but it would be better to know before the substitution was done. For example I ordered a kg of wax beans and a kg of green beans. You didn't have the green beans so you gave me another KG of wax beans instead- a lot to get through before they spoil. Also other times what I ordered was not available with nothing substituted and no money refunded. So I stopped ordering extra things.
I wonder about the real market for some of the more exotic vegetable matter. While variety is important, some of the items in the box are quite eccentric and take some effort and research to utilize. If they weren't going in a CSA box, could you sell them ??
We getfruit and flowers. I have to say the flowers were somewhat disappointing this year. Recognized the weather issues, but not as satisfied as previously.
The fruit and vegetable shares are good value. If we were to do it again we wouldn't do the meat share, as it is usually too expensive for the amount of meat received.
Regulations seem to be whatever works for that day, not consistent. Every time an issue comes up and I call for an answer, the answer is different than the time before that I called.
I like to hear your progress (including setbacks) in developing new crops. In-box variety is important to me, and know that you are working on it reinforces my loyalty.
The price is higher, but it's worth it to me to know I'm getting local and mostly organic. I go out of my way to get what I need (if it doesn't come in my box) at the market.
We're pretty sick of apples and cabbage right now.
Since I don't get the veggie box except as an add-on sometimes, I'm going to assume that when you say "vegetables" in this context, that it also applies to the other share type(s) :)
Quantity of Smaller Fruit and Smaller Veg is too large for me - one person household.
I did not buy vegetables. Fish only.
Would prefer not to have as much Kale - it seems to be a very frequent item.
We found the payment requirements to be vague. When we signed up the website indicated that full payment needed to be received by the end of the year but there was no clear policy on a requirement for a payment schedule. We were caught off guard when we received an email mid season stating we wouldn't recieve our next shares if payment wasn't received. I believe the website has since been updated to be more clear. Suggest outlining clear payment policies to avoid confusion.
I will not answer these questions as I was really only a CSF member which is peripheral to your CSA operations.
Often it feels like we could get better quality veggies in more useful quantities from the grocery store - typically for a similar price. We also really don't like getting value-added products in our veggie or fruit share, especially cider, juice and jam. We bought a veggie and fruit share and expect real veggies and fruits. Also there could be more staples in the veggie share. We're only 2, so don't need an entire separate staple share.
I believe we receive fair value for the CSA price we pay.
I don't know what it costs to run the CSA. I trust you will get me the best price you can.
More variety in the fruit share would be helpful; such as berries, more jams etc. We loved having lots of the apples to make apples sauce to last all winter! I believe the price is on point as well.
We were overwhelmed with the quantity of food initially..especially when we got slack about cooking at home. We're so pleased with the CSA that we've decided to split with another couple to balance the amounts. The food tastes SO much better than grocery store....I'm becoming a farm snob!
I understand the cost of a Csa box and wouldn't expect any less
I think the price is absolutely fair - you don't expect to get a "deal" with local farm-grown food. Customer service and communication is excellent - I love the regular emails, with recipes, info on the farm, updates, etc.
We would love to continue for 2016 but are moving in July.
Hi, I just submitted a survey but forgot to submit a comment.
We really appreciate your caring for the quality and sourcing of food but sadly disagree with comments from the weekly emails describing happy livestock. As vegans, we believe these highly intelligent animals deserve better than to be raised in captivity and slaughtered. We do not believe there is a humane way to raise and kill animals for food. On a positive note, we are so thankful for the fruits and vegetables you produce.
Often we get a 'heads up " email. That warns of less than perfect produce.
Supporting local farming and eating food from nova Scotia soil are my primary motivators. Grocery stores have a long way to go to support local and I don't like their produce options much of the time. Price needs to be reasonable but I'm happy to pay a bit more as long as it is going to the hands that feed my family.
I think your prices are fair, proteins - eggs & some meats cost more than what might be typically found in a supermarket. However, it's not a fair comparison be comparing the prices of organically, ethically produced meat and eggs to supermarket prices for factory-farmed proteins. We usually supplement the meat in our share with something additional we purchase each week. We are doing better in year 2 at finding ways to plan to use what comes in the share and to not waste.
I feel the vegetables for 2015 have been less than the previous year, maybe because of spring starting later..
Too many bags of apples. Not enough variety.
Some weeks l wish there was more, but I understand that's the way the year goes, and I'm overall VERY happy with it. I wanted an option between "pretty good" and "awesome, the best"
n/a since it is fish I get
It's hard tp comment on the price. I realize we are paying for the philosophy, the experience, for knowing we are doing the right thing and supporting local, organic agriculture. But it's awfully hard to explain to my friends in the spring why I would pay $15.00 for some dandelion greens and stinging nettles.
You have hit it right for two senior women on the smaller box. I might have a cabbage or two to give away...great
Wish we weren't charged 2 delivery fees (one fruit one veggies) it doesn't cost any extra to send 2 boxes vs 1
Not currently a veggie member
I am glad to invest in a local farm, so I do not mind when there are certain blemishes/highly perishable items in the boxes. I like that the food is real and not only the 'perfect' specimens found in the stores.
In the late fall and winter it would be nice to have a bit more variety of veggies. I realize this is partly just the limitations of our climate. I noticed the tomatoes this summer seem to have been refrigerated. I often had to throw them out since they were quite mealy and didn't last long.
Although I understand the reason why, sometimes I find that there is too much of one vegetable in a box, or too many weeks in a row, like parsnips, or Brussels sprouts, or cabbage. But I know why so i don't complain!
7. Please share your suggestions for changes - wants, needs, etc.     - Responses
Will be looking for a new drop off spot.
It will depend on the PRCC situation. Ano I'd still love more meat over eggs :)
I would love an option for fresh herbs
Fish to expensive. For most of the season line caught Haddock available in HRM for half the price.
Not a fan of the kohlrabi. Never use it. We've tried to gift it to people but no one likes it that we know. It winds up being wasted.
More variety... Loved the romenesco cauliflower, it was nice to see something other than kale
I intended to participate for one year only. The main reason was to encourage myself to try different/new veggies and recipes and to support a local farm. It's been great!
Increased variety, lower cost, more organic produce, no juice
Offer bi-weekly options. I really want to support local farmers but at times find it to be too much food and things go to waste. Also make the recipes easier to search. your newsletters always offer such great ones but sometimes I forget to save them and going back to find them is frustrating. Otherwise keep up the good work!
More flexible pickup times - 1 hour window is difficult durin rush hour.
Give yourselves more credit, you do a great and hard job.

The choices above seem extreme. I selected doesn't look good but a simple No, Yes or Maybe would be sufficient. We do not think the full monty is for our family.

We wish you all the best and will see you at the farmer's market on Saturdays
Moe variety in meat (I understand that this is not always possible)
All Good!
There has been so much talk in the newspaper about pricing in order to meet your breakeven points. I realize that this discussion is necessary at your end, but I'm more interested in getting nice veggies for my dollars. I support community supported agriculture, but don't necessarily want to hear all the gritty details.
This number of apples in the shares over the course of the year is quite challenging.
More herbs fresh and dried would be great.
I would love the fish share options to continue. I like the ability to sign up for it as needed.

I would love it if there were more frozen tomatoes, fruit such as peaches, berries.
The Full Monty was an experiment and, as such, had its ups and downs. I am curious about how you feel it went.
More Brussels Sprouts, less cabbage.
Any chance of getting lamb in the meat share?
I am always pleased when I see that the produce is organic. Thank you for making the effort to grow organic food.
Hi! As was mentioned by a few people in the Full Monty Facebook group a few weeks ago, the amount of apples and pears has been a bit much for us. We would love it if there were more vegetables instead. Greens would be great, if possible.
3pm-6pm pickup in Dartmouth
I would only say less cabbage.
I would love to do the Full Monty again but would to have an opt in/out of receiving the eggs.
I require a little give when it comes to missed pick ups. I understand that it can make things complicated for you, but going without a portion of my groceries for the week is complicated for me.
Felt a little overwhelmed with the quantity of greens
Would like things like beans in bags rather than loose in box- tedious to empty box into transport bags and put away.
I really admire what you guys are doing and I wanted to be a part of it. Unfortunately, the number of types of fruits and veggies that my family will eat that will also grow in NS is very small. We ended up giving away something g nearly every week. I think we will be better off just shopping for what we will use at the farmers' market.
We understand that produce is produced based on the season so we get that during the winter months apples are in abundance. As we mentioned we could use less of those and more of something else. HOWEVER!!! Jeremy is a hunter and uses them for drop apples so they never go to waste!
We would like to switch to the Full Monty with the new season. We would like PRCC pick-up to be in the morning - as my husband is training to be a chef and afternoons he takes the car with him so the afternoon option would NOT work for us.
A very little thing. Our family is not so keen on the juice/cider occasionally included in fruit shares. We much prefer whole fruit. We just don't drink juice.
I would love more organic foods, organic fruit especially (ie berries).
I like the box system of leaving the cardboard for you. Less waste! Thanks for all you do. We LOVE our CSA boxes!
Pick up times sometimes are really challenging. Works with my car pool, but wish it could be a little earlier.
We signed up for the Full Monty. Love that it provides everything but will likely adjust what we grt next season. Need more veggies/staples and meat, less fruit.
Is it possible/feasible to make the small share a bit smaller? We are two people who find it challenging to eat all the veggies.
we get alot of chicken.
More notice of/reminders of add-ons. I forget that they are there sometimes! Also a listing of the types of flowers growing on the farm that are put into shares. They were so beautiful, but I didn't know what many of them were called. (p.s. I'm not a facebook user, so I apologize if this info was posted)
I want a three person full Monty - maybe a mini Monty
* our family eats way more greenery than was offered in the box (mixed, spinach, lettuce, sprouts)
* also could have used more green/yellow beans and tomatoes
Option to just sign up for Off the Hook fish... I enjoyed this option of local fish, but it was pricey.
Perhaps the option to get eggs every second week or a half dozen. That is the only food we struggle to use up but it's a challenge we don't mind
Household now. One person..hard to keep up with the small share
There needs to be more variety in the meat share. When we started there was a great variety. I understand the desire to be self-sufficient but there is a limit. It would have been nice to receive warning that the pickup at the farm would be shorter and things would be at the house. Did I miss it?
More fresh tomatoes :)
Less sausage in the meat share
Less cabbage
Really tricky to get add ons for Dartmouth on Monday delivery day when the list goes up late, but this has improved over last year. We also miss the variety the meat share used to have, and find that the weekly (rather than the bi-weekly) shares are sometimes too small to even make one family meal.
More mushrooms! Also - making the off the hook dish share available at more sites.
The meat share has been a bit disappointing this year. 3 years ago there was much more variety because the meat came from a few different farms. We're getting a bit tired of eating chicken 4 times a week!
No nettles! :P maybe have an opt-out option for some veggies and then give them to another person? so that other people who like them can enjoy them more :)
I want less Kale
I need less Kale
I appreciate less Kale
I look forward to the end of Kale season
The staples share is not practical. Can't use all of those carrots and apples in a week. And sometimes we have bad onions and potatoes mixed in. We will try other shares this year.
Larger fruit share (quantity)
would love to see a drop-off in Tantallon
I'm new to all of this and I've checked out the add ons on occasion but haven't used them. It seems to me it would be great if you could always add on basics like eggs, good eating apples (i had nothing to send to school as fruit the week we received the red delicious - a misnomer in this house), potatoes and carrots.
The price is rather expensive. There are too few "staple" fruits and veggies (berries, carrots, etc) and too many adventurous ones (cellariac, etc) that many don't eat.
I think as a member we've gotten the short end of the stick- I have added up prices at seaport market compared to what was in my shares and I feel like I'm paying more and not choosing first hand what I want. we should get more than 2 cauliflowers for a whole year. More than just a few pieces of broccoli for a whole year. No fruit in my veg share.
Same as before, i wish there was an option for a summer/fall share. For us it would be ideal for a shorter veggie and fruit share for the summer and fall months
I know eating local means eating what we can grow here but after 2 years I'm really sick of apples especially when we get in both fruit and veggie shares.
I loved the pears and plums this year. I hope it continues but realize it depends on the growing season. Still less apples in veggies shares would be good.
Perhaps some sort of option to swap undesired items before the box is made? Example: try as I may I cannot get used to fennel, anything close to Flavour to Black Liquorice is a no go for me. I Its a struggle to find a family member or friend who would gladly take it off my hands. (Understanding the extra work this would mean on your end)
I feel this year had fewer of the really yummy greens. Would live more kale, scapes, beet greens (and beets!) and Swiss chard. Do like that the variety is improving each winter. A few tears ago we overdosed on apples, the year after it was turnip and Kolrabi, this past year cabbage. As long as there is a rotation of abundant crop from year to year
The Full Monty is not working for me; I can barely lift that box. Will get veg next year, and meat and eggs, but that's probably it.
Fewer apples
The meat share variety has been better in years past. I don't really understand animal husbandry but I'm sure you'll try to improve it next year. I miss the rabbit and duck!
We're struggling a little with picky eaters - never seem to have enough carrots, always seem to have too much cabbage. It would be nice to have a trade box at the pick up locations - so if I know we're not going to eat fennel but someone else hates beets - we could swap!
More ad ons that aren't large quantities
Would like specific add on's but do not wish to purchase large quantities
More sweet potatoes
Less whole squash
Smaller bunches of fresh herbs
More Brussels sprouts
more common veggies, eg beans, peas, need less chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, more chicken and beef, less rabbit and pork.
need to overhaul egg share approach. Way too expensive.
We've lost the community feeling we experienced during the first two years. Part of that is our own fault for not making more of an effort to attend farm events & part is because the events offered are understandably happening at the farm & we're in the city or geared to families with kids...which is SO important, but we feel out of place.
Although I understand why, I was hoping to have more variety of meat in my meat share.
The fruit variety was not as hood this year, but otherwise great!
How about having a pickup in halifax or Dartmouth on Saturday?
The russel St pick up is really good for me, it should stay.
we are really on the fence. We love the food but some doesn't get eaten or we share with family. I will never go back to grocery store produce but I think I will be shopping at the forum market (at the noggins booth) or IWK booth when I go back to work. I love the produce but want more choice in what I get each week.
A bit more spinach and kale, a bit less celeriac and fennel.
Delivery at The Grainery until 6 p.m., rather than 5:45 p.m. because of traffic at that time of day.
The reasons why we're thinking of leaving the CSA for us is because we're a family of two and can't keep up with the types of veg we were getting. Also, the lack of variety in veg and meat share. Our pick up is also a ways from our house and is inconvenient. We're just not the right fit for a CSA. Nothing you've done specifically.
Would prefer the option of different sizes of add-ons. We may want you to add something but not a huge amount of it.
I'd like to see sturdier boxes. More often than not I get shares in boxes that should have been recycled, not reused. I'd rather plastic bins or something similarly more sturdy. We could pay a deposit for them. The boxes for the appetizer shares are inadequate and I've made more than one complaint about this and it remains unaddressed.
Tomatillos! They are so hard to find in stores and are so very tasty :)
I'd like more variety, but I also want to keep it local and in season. So really, we are probably getting as much variety as possible in local conditions and I just need to accept that. (It really doesn't cause me any trouble--I am happy with the contents of the box most weeks.)
Winter variety.
I would appreciate more spinach.
My biggest problem is making it to the van on time. The driver has been more than helpful in letting me know his locations so that if I miss the first one I can get my share later. I loved everything about the csa but my schedule just won't allow me to make standing appointments
Really happy with our experience and look forward to continuing. It also feels great to teach my son about where food comes from and he gets excited to pick up the share every week.

Thank you for everything you do!!
I never expected to get sick of eating chicken, but this year we've received SO MUCH chicken. This is our main source of meat. We just HAVE to have more variety.
Bulking up the fall/winter veggie share with staples of onions would be awesome. Not that the frozen stuff needs to go, but to change it up once in a while!
I would be interested in different add on options.
6:15-6:45 is supper into bedtime. With two under the age of three it is really hard to organize an extra trip out of the house to fetch our share.
I really enjoy getting tips on how to best store/freeze/preserve veggies each week, as we sometime struggle to use them all in time in a two person household (especially the spring/summer veggies). Keep those coming!
Add-ons tended to be only in large quantities. There were times when I would have added on different vegetables if you could buy them in smaller amounts instead of 5lbs or 10lbs. Same with the fish, perhaps in 1lb increments.

I would like choice of type for the apple add-on (i.e. Honeycrisp etc.) especially when the apples are in season.
Again, rationalize the number of apples in shares that combine fruit and vegetable packages.
Would do the CSE Share again next year but would only do small veggie share. Staple share is great but would suggest perhaps every two weeks vice every week.
App size share would be great if it had more quantity of veggies and perhaps offset size of share with variety of veggies. Loved my full share, but was more food than we needed. At app size we get a little bit of a lot of things. It would be easier to meal plan and have better full meals with a fewer veg types but more of that veg.
No apple juice in the veggie box. it is too expensive, and we do not want fruit juice anyway.

Quality of veggies is sometimes not as good as what you sell at the farmer's markets for the same price. Price at discount or improve quality.

Share contents needs to be posted consistently on the previous Friday.
Current pick up location is good. I found in previous year there were times when I missed it because I was at work late. Great to be available till 6. Would love even later.
It would be great to have a way to avoid forfeiting our share for a week we're unable to pick it up.
Soooo manyyyyy applesssss....
(Okay, I know it's the Valley. But so many apples. The pears are great! Frozen berries in winter? Maybe do a deal with Van Dyk for wild blueberries?)
Hi folks - I have had a veg and fruit share since the beginning and I think I will give up the fruit because there are just too many apples to deal with. Love apples but its overwhelming. Also gave up the egg share due to price this year.
I get my share delivered to Halifax and this summer the broccoli was usually spoiled when I got it- just too warm I guess. I just composted it but maybe this year perhaps keep broccoli for your farmers markets or deliver it with a small bit of ice so it can actually be used?
Great idea to start with and I'm happy to see it continue to blossom and grow.
More variety in fruit. Better flowers
Really enjoy the eggs but wish it was a little less expensive.
Pickup windows are too restrictive for my family and we likely not be back for another year unfortunately. There is good overall value, but if we miss a week for travel, or conflicting schedules which happens, we are out a significant amount of money. I don't think there is a realistic way around this unfortunately. being able to defer a week wou
Less cranberries and apple cider.
We do the full monty and while we are quite happy with it, I would relly prefer that eggs get taken out completely and exchanged for more meat. I was also disappointed with the number of fresh flowers this year. I know if was a tough year for them but it would be good to know ahead of time approximately how often we can expect them.
I would love more lettuce and spinach all year round. Understand this requires a different set up for the colder months.
Keep experimenting with crops to improve variety in the box!

Less beets would be good too. :-)
More sweet potatoes. Less juice.
It might seem lame - but I would like the weekly shares linked from the newsletter each week.
We currently have the Full Monty option and find it to be a bit too much for us (particularly the fruit). We are likely going to move towards getting a couple of the smaller options (meat and veg) but I am worried about missing out on the fun surprises that came with our Full Monty, like mulling spices, crab apple jelly, and cider.
I would really like to be able to order the fruits and veggies that my family eat regularly. I do appreciate trying and eating new foods but there were times when we had wasted items. I would also like to pick up my boxes on the weekend as that is when I plan and organize my meals for the week so Monday pick up wasn't conveinent for this purpose.
The only thing that would improve my experience is if the drop-off location were closer to the Quinpool area.
Weekly newsletters & the info on shares should *always* go out at the start of the week, before deliveries commence for the week.
I found this worked better the first two years that we were members (when Teri sent them). In the last year, the timing of weekly emails has been erratic & it feels like communicating with your members isn't a priority
Would prefer not to get the apple juice and potatoes.
We did the meat share for a year and were disappointed. The cuts of pork weren't good. And didn't like the bacon. Liked the rabbit & chicken.

After 3 years I am tiring of the same vegetables. Like to see more beets, turnip, squash.
It would be nice to not receive quite so many apples. I find if I order a staple box along with fruit box, it is just way too many. Feels wasteful.
Price for eggs is outrageous. Not convinced of the math
Any way of guarding against fewer eggs?
I miss the email we used to get at the beginning of the week stating what we were getting in our shares for the week. I know that I can look on the website but I found meal planning convenient when we would get this info. as an email. I'd much prefer getting that weekly and then a monthly newsletter update (weekly is fine too).
I could live with less cranberries, but i would happily take dried ones from Terra Beata instead. I tried drying my own, but it is really not the same.
A noon time pick up in Fall River is really difficult. Especially with a busy family and all the activities that take place.
More variety in the meat and fruit shares
A Trade box at pick up locations for folks to swap out items they don't anticipate using.
Would also be a good way to observe what items people are not using, to provide education and/or consider alternatives.
Partnership with Speerville to offer organic grains.
more greens! less apple juice unless unfiltered, unpasteurized/raw
I found this year there were less of the staples in it i.e. Apples, onions, potatoes etc. There were also several weeks with too much of one thing i.e. Getting 4 green peppers a few weeks in a row. This led to us wasting food.
More meat add on options
The variety and quality of items is great. Would like to see more of the staple items such as pototates and carrots through the winter months.
To clarify #6: we won't be continuing (small veggie share), as it is too much for just the 2 of us. My husband is a picky vegetable eater so I end up eating most of the share myself. The staple share is not something that we could do week in, week out. I did enjoy supporting a local farm and wish you the best of luck in the future :)
I would love to get lacinato kale regularly and more fresh herbs (and a few less apples)
The fruit share is not worth it. Too many value added products and sub-par apples for most of the year. The veggie share was an okay experience. Fewer value-added products, more staples, and more useful quantities of items would make it better. The biggest value of the food share is keeping us out of the grocery store. We like mainstream veggies.
I find that almost all of the apples are damaged and have to be used for baking or cooking. Perhaps there is a way to ensure they don't become as bruised.
Too many mistakes and bad decisions and we pay the price. Quality of food terrible this year.
Online bill payment through TD Canada Trust would be wonderful for us.
Apples in the veggie share combined with the fruit share made way too many apples! Other pick up options in Dartmouth would be nice. The meat share was light, for our consumption, and sometimes repetitive. The fish option really helped with that though.
Please keep doing the add-ons! They've been such an added bonus!! As much as I'd love to spend more time at the farmers market, my job just doesn't usually allow it. And I hate going to the grocery store now...lol.
We're very happy! We love the Full Monty (and the name...cracks us up). We are learning how to eat seasonally and really appreciate the Facebook group as well as the newsletter with recipes. As noted above, we found the quantity often too much so have friends who we will now share the share with! They are very excited to join us.
I am not getting a share next year as I don't expwct to still be in the city as well as the cost of it
A half year share would be nice... spring through fall.
I really value the production ad promotion of sustainable organic produce, however I am finding that my farm share is 10-25% organic at best even though I consistently see the very same produce I in my share as sprayed/non organic as organic and sold on the shelf at Noggins Market.
I'm not 100% sold on the meat share aspect of my full monty

I think there were too many apples. I ended up giving a lot of them away and I did really try to be creative with them. And in regards to the apples I would say sometimes I didn't know what was best to do with which type, some guidance there might help. This was not a major issue really
Largest area of improvement would be the meat. It felt like all we got was sausages or whole chickens (or chicken parts). I would much rather prefer ground pork instead of sausages. I found a lot of fruit to be under-ripe (pears and peaches). If they aren't ready, I would rather have no fruit one week and then get double when they are ripe.
Number six depends on my employment
I know this sounds picky but we never seem to eat the water melons in the fall/winter - just feels like the wrong season so they have often gone bad (our fault!).
It would be good to wash the raspberries before freezing them - it's hard to wash frozen fruit.
I answered Totally Yes! for question 6 but the reality is I will be out of town from January 2017 to July 2017, so I want to have a taproot share but I don't want to pay for full year not be able to enjoy the full year. I also will likely not be able to purchase the following year due to wrong times. I will contact office.
Though we have enjoyed exploring the diversity of veggies in our share, overall we find it might be easier to just select what we want and how much we need at the Farmer's Market where we had been shopping before.
Must say one of our favourite and valued aspects of Taproot are the newletters from Denise with recipes and advice. Great bonus!
If I don't pick up my share for whatever reason I wish Noggins would keep it and refrigerate it for a couple days.
More broccoli
Would like a bayers lake pick up location.
I am constantly amazed at the amount of work and dedication it takes to run a farm and produce nutritious food. It must be frustrating to deal with numerous complaints about little things. I am disappointed for you and amazed that you handle it all with such grace and generosity. We feel grateful and want you to know it.
Being able to make substitutions each week.
Nothing that I can think of specifically. Love the variety.
A vegetarian full Monty type box would be great!
The only thing we would be so happy to have is a pick up at the Tantallon Farmers market when in season or even better, D&Jo's market in Timberlea
It would be helpful if th share lists were consistently postd Friday am. Even if there are changes, this helps greatly with meal planning
Currently I do not buy organic whole grains, dried fruit, seeds, flour, fruit, fermented foods, but I would. I'd love to have organic apples, even if they are not grown at Taproot.
The only reason I cannot continue is because my job is changing and I will not be able to be dedicated to a weekly pick up.
I don't have any suggestions.I am excited to hopefully purchase a fruit share along with my veggie share.
Less korabhi. We don't use it and toss it. No one we know liked it.
The addition of sprouts etc to help with winter variety has been great... Perhaps expansion upon that?
I'm good with it - and you have responded to needs as you have gone along.
It would be nice to have some choice ie if you are having greens get to choose between two options when it is available.
We would love more spinach and sprouts, especially during the colder months when there are less greens available.
The main change I would prefer to see would be a more convenient pick-up location for me (Quinpool area would be the best). Otherwise, I am very happy with your service and produce!
The present smaller box suits fine .If I take on another resident I would go to the larger portion.I would contact you.
We would really love having a pick-up location on or near Quinpool Road.
Feel overwhelmed with Kale from time to time. Really enjoy getting different veggies than I would select for myself.
I really liked the bi weekly staple ahsre.
Only one delivery charge per pick up - charging delivery for each box is unnecessary

This year we had fewer items and lots of bruising on various items. While I understand that happens it's hard as a young family with 4 kids when we're always cutting away large prices of carrots, apples, potatoes (carrots especially this year).
Another Halifax pick-up in the morning would be great. The VG site is good once you get in there, but the parking lot is always very full, requiring a lot of driving around waiting for a spot and then if you're longer than 10 minutes, you have to pay. Daytime pick-up is preferred for me as later requires more coordination with school pick-ups, etc
Please bring down the cost of eggs?
Also find. Way to prevent shorts or missing items at pickups
I would like to receive more herbs to try
More strawberries please :)

Greater care taken to avoid obviously spoiled produce placed in box.
We pick up our box on fridays and in the peak of summer some of the fruit and leafy greens would be wilting when we picked up the box which was disappointing but understandable. The meat share started out great with pork chops and sausages and even a large ham. But a few months in and all we got was chicken week after week.
Love to have cheese/milk offered as an add on
Found another farm that had a closer pickup spot and was cheaper,.
I would love to have more mushrooms in the shares.
Overall, the quality and variety of veggies is very good. Sometimes there are 3 cabbages in the fridge and we end up throwing them out (same for squash) but for the most part we are able to use everything. We liked getting unusual veggies, like the Roman cauliflower, would love to see more of that next year. And loved getting lots of leeks.
We had more frozen fruit last year over the winter, that might be yet to come. The over abundance of apples and pears are always a struggle for us but I'm not sure there's a solution for us in Nova Scotia and winter fruit.
too much kale
The price has to be affordable. I do this half to support local farms, and half to get good quality vegetables, but the price has to compete with organic veggies I can get in the grocery store.
I cannot eat another chicken! Please please please plan meat better for next year.

Could we have purple carrots sometime?

Less fennel
8. A couple of years back we outlined our values and our overarching goals for the farm. Starting with our values please rate from what is very important to not at all important to you. Although this will take a few minutes to complete, it is really important to me and Josh to know how you rank the values we have set for the farm .  - Comments
All of these values are why we chose the farm. Keep up the amazing work.
It would be nice to have more CSA member events.

Is your meat ethically raised? This is of high importance to our family.
this is a great project and we believe in the essence of CSA. Thank-you for your part in "feel good" food and growing a relationship between land, creation, and peope.
I feel the farm does well at fulfilling these.
We've been with the CSA this long because we have these same values and goals.
I love the work that you do, and the food (and service) that you provide.
What a great set of values and intentions! If citizens could read these, have them entrenched politically at municipal council and provincial government, what a wonderful bit of legislation that would be. Could these be sent to MLAs and councillors to have them framed as a motion to enshrine in our political institutions. Perhaps send to the faith communities in Nova Scotia to help build this vision. I have heard of some churches who are focusing on food security and local production.
it still sounds awesome.
We agree with the values of your farm.
What's most important to me is supporting local farmers and local food-making. No-pesticides is great, but locally-grown trumps it.
You do a good job of promoting "responsible" farming.
i do notice many more farm related activities that are available.
not clear what the definition of "stewardship" would be.
I really love it when you share video and photos on facebook. Many times I have shown my husband and children the pics and videos to let them know where our food is coming from. It's great.
The reason we do this is because you have these values, and i like to know where my food came from.
All such important goals. The hard work and vision of the team at Taproots is such a welcome inspiration and breath of fresh air to the current food systems and economy. Thank you for all that you do!
These values really resonate with our family. That's why we keep coming back, year after year.
I'm not sure if my ratings make sense. But basically I encourage people to not just buy organic, but to buy local. And not just to buy local, but to get to know the farmer and understand their beliefs and practices. I also encourage people to be loyal and support those farms that share their values, because our earth and bodies are worth more than the dollar we might save.
All of these values are excellent and I support them 100% I would be more inclined toward a cooperative philosophy whereby direct investors in the business, production are the priority in terms of high quality, sustainable, organic products.
All of these values are tremendously important! I have tried to highlight my top three, but it is hard to say which of these is "less important."
I love that you develop new ideas and set the standard for CSA.
Re quality and dependability, I have no difficulties moving with swings in production and quality due to things that mother nature does. This is real life.
After our 1st year of CSA, the rest of our family all signed on for veggie shares. They've all said repeatedly that they are super-happy with the quality and variety of their shares. We have all adapted our meal planning to make the most of our shares. The lists being posted early & the recipe suggestions are all very helpful in this regard, also the network of support from other members sharing suggestions through FB. Some of our favourite items this year were kohlrabi, smoky sandwich ham...
These high ideals can apply to any venture. keep up the good work.
These are very hard to rank. In an ideal world you would be able to have them all. I know that's not how it works. So if a person like me ranks them it is skewed by my role in the CSA (consumer) and my distance from the farm---I haven't participated at all with the on-farm activities because I haven't made it a priority. I think my ranking would change if I had done some of the community stuff. I blame myself but I am not the ideal client so take that into consideration.
You guys do such a wonderful job at staying in touch with us, the customers, keeping us up to date on farm goings-on, and displaying your true passion for the work and service you provide. Amazing!
Don't become too big.
9. Next, our overarching goals (social, cultural, environmental, financial) for the farm. These are the big results we are trying to achieve. It is really important to me and Josh to know how you rank the goals we have set for the farm.  - Comments
Although the organic movement is important towards healthier lifestyles, i do believe that there is leeway in this. not everything needs an organic certification as i'm sure you grow it as organic as possible.
Happy animals, happy staff and happy CSA members!

More people need to be educated about local and organic farming, especially kids. It is so sad when they can not recognize basic fruits and veggies.
Again, doing well at these.
You've said it all in these goals. Just the question of how the farm will deal with the consequences of global warming both in production and social values, the latter meaning what happens when food security becomes more of a problem and prices are getting out of reach for more of the population. Will organic be only for the rich? How can the farm be financially sustainable without catering more exclusively to the elite? Sliding scale--the rich pay the premium but scale prices for lower income
high standards but what other choice is there?
Happy people making a secure life farming and producing food for local consumption -- all good.
Looking at farming as part of the overall ecosystem and developing planning around that seems like the logical next steps for organic farming.
The farm has to be financially sustainable for any of this to work.
I don't mind if not everything is organic as long as you deem it safe to eat and if the methods used increase production and viability.
100% organic is a nice goal but even if you can get to a minimal use of non-organic practices, this is a huge step over what you can buy conventionally grown.
I think organic is great if you can make it work, but 100% organic is not do or die for me. i do like to know what is or isnt, though.
We support organic farming practices but whether or not it is certified does not matter to us.
More than anything, I would love to see more and more farms like TapRoots showing up across the country!! I would love to see more people understand and care more about what they fuel their bodies with. And I would love to see more people understand and care about the impact we have, every day, on the world around us.
Organized events for CSA members - regular gatherings for those invested in the goals you have outlined above.
Highly engaged staff is very important but CSA membership if they are highly engaged is less important. I am keen to engage but I don't want other members trying to recruit me to their exclusive food gang. :)
Not as worried about organic as I am about eating local.
One big reason why I am with you because I am sickened by the widespread cruelty for profit that exists on factory farms in Canada. I will never buy whole sail produce or meat from a supermarket ever again because of this.
I really think the financial sustainability part is important. Otherwise, you can't have a farm, and no-one will want to copy your model.
sounds like wonderful goals..as the trapeese artist swings he heads for the highest rung on the ladder...go for it!
All excellent goals. I feel I am doing a disservice by giving any of them a "very important" ranking.
Viable NS farms that use minimal harmful pesticides/synthetic fertilizer.