Week 41 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter

Hi folks!  Welcome to 2014!

Here at the farm we are all feeling well-rested (albeit a little groggy) and ready to get back to work after a great couple of weeks off!

As you know, registration opened yesterday for members only.  So far we are close to selling out on eggs, well over halfway sold out on meat, and over 130 veggie shares booked for next year!  We're so happy that we were able to offer you "first dibs" this year, as we really appreciate your commitment to the farm.  Thanks so much for your support!

Registration will open for the public on Monday, January 20th!  Please tell your friends!

How I spent my holiday break...  By members of the TapRoot Team

Tim C: I can proudly say that I really did nothing! I am very skilled at filling days by puttering. I spent most of the holiday shoveling and have decided that it will be the end of me. Neighbours will discover me slumped in a snowbank. They will say things like, “Such a nice guy,” or “Should have bought a snowblower.”
I sped through Alice Munro’s latest book and have just picked up Atwood’s Madd Addam. Never got around to that jigsaw puzzle. Too busy worrying about the size of my dwindling wood pile.

Jem:  I had a great break, lots of time with family and friends, lots of time to chill out. The weather was a bit crazy but it was so nice to be warm and cozy in our house. We came back from snowshoeing on the dyke at the weekend and the Buddha in my garden was sparkling as you see. He has had a quartz crystal in his lap for 6 months or so, but that was the first time that the sun reflected of the crystal into my eyes. So I am taking that as a positive sign for 2014 to be present in every moment of my day to the miracles which may occur.

Falicia: Christmas is one of, if not, my favorite time of the year.  It has nothing to do with presents, but everything to do with spending time with friends and family.  People (for the most part) seem to be a little bit more cheerful and that truly warms my heart.  I love seeing children's faces when they are playing in the snow.  This year I spent my holiday, as always, with friends and family, and as always, it was fantastic.  About a month before Christmas my fiance, Nathan, and I decided that we would adopt a dog instead of buying each other gifts this year.  This is our wonderful "fur baby", a 14 month old Bull Terrier Cross named Rosie. .  Best Christmas "gift" ever!  We have fallen in love with her and she has quickly become part of our family. This made our holiday a little more special.

Justine: The snow and weather was awesome over the Christmas break (when it wasn't too windy or cold) for cross country skiing, and we did a lot of it. We can ski from our doorstep and have a few trails through the wood and a logging road that we share with snowmobiles.

Jon & Teri: Our break for the holidays was a little bit longer as we travelled to Calgary to visit Jon's family and then to Manitoba to visit mine.  We had an AMAZING time seeing everyone, especially our two nieces Genevieve and Maevey and our nephew Joshua.  Our entire family is very excited about our upcoming wedding, which is in exactly 5 months today, so we look forward to seeing them again soon.  To the left is a photo of Jon and I with my grandma in Hamiota, Manitoba.


I've made a few New Year's resolutions involving my CSA share this year (have you?  Share with me if you have!), and one of them is to start making my own sauerkraut and kimchi.  Looks like we're off to a good start with beautiful heads of Napa cabbage in the shares this week!

The recipe I plan to start with is here: How to Make Easy Kimchi at Home - The Kitchn (I like step-by-step with photos!)

A couple more ideas for Napa from another CSA farm: 6 things to do with Napa Cabbage

Here's a few more recipes for items in your shares... I tried to pick somewhat healthy ones, as I assume everyone is feeling the same as I am after the holidays (stuffed!!):

Beet Chips - From the Ecology Action Centre

Hard to Beet Dip - from Select Nova Scotia (sub the canned beets for fresh, roasted beets)

Carrot Bran Muffins - from Heart and Stroke NS

Carrot Bread from "Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens" - Suzie the Foodie (p.s. I want this cookbook!!)

Applesauce from Select Nova Scotia.  I am posting this so I will remember to make it!

Kohlrabi Soup from Halifax College Students Association

Kohlrabi: the Last Vegetable Standing in your CSA Bin - loads of ideas, recipes and information

Please share your recipes with me.  Pretty please?!  :)  teri@taprootfarms.ca

Shares Deliveries: Monday, January 6, 2014 - Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Have a great week!

--The TapRoot Team