Week 43 (Feb 8 - 14) & Week 44 (Feb 15 - 21) TapRoot 2016

Farm Update:

For the past two weeks Josh has been visiting and working with the men in Jamaica. He arrived home Friday night late and from all reports he had a great time. He helped with putting on a roof, fixing a water well and pouring cement for walls and floors on a house. He also met with coordinators of Farm Up Jamaica learning more about their efforts to support skill development for agriculture in Jamaica.  

Now that Josh is home he is planning to get the wood doctor operational and the green houses started. It is always an very exciting time when the new season starts on the farm.

Many of you have been asking when the last week of shares is. The week of March 27th is the final week of the 2015/16 CSA season. The new season will begin April 4th. Thank you everyone for checking your taproot account to ensure it is paid up as we enter into the final month of shares.

For members joining for another season with us, please note, you are able to pay monthly.

In the office:

Right now I am away. Justine is at the CSA desk responding to your emails and any issues that arise on a week by week basis while I am gone. Debbie is helping us with keeping the books in order while Falicia is on mat leave. Denise is assisting with various things including emailing anyone with a balance owing just to ensure that contact is made. In many cases you make a monthly payment. Thanks for working with us to ensure everyones accounts are up to date and accurate. You can reach Justine and Debbie at 902 542 3277 select #2 or email csa@taprootfarms.ca

Denises Test Kitchen

If I was sent to a desert island (which is sounding pretty good right now) and could only choose one type of food to eat forever and ever, it would be Indian. It's a staple in our house and this is one of our favourite recipes. Last week's potatoes + this week's red cabbage = potato red cabbage tikki deliciousness.I can't wait for my box on Wednesday!

Have you had roasted garlic? It is amazing--sweet and mellow and delicious on pizza or used in pesto or mashed potatoes. We always make extra because it is one of our favourite things to have on a fresh baguette. Just squeeze it out of the clove onto a slice of the (already buttered) baguette. Heaven!

Scalloped turnips? Why not? :)http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/scalloped-turnips


Denise's Test Kitchen Week 43

How did I miss this? 2015's Herb of the Year -- Summer Savoury! Follow this link for some great ideas on using this versatile herb. 

Oh my goodness--these celeriac roesti are so good! Seriously delicious. What else can I say? Just make them. You'll be glad you did.

I'm a little late for Shrove Tuesday, but with the weekend closing in, you'll want to add these amazing lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce to your brunch menu. You'll never make regular pancakes again. If you're vegan like me, check out this recipe for tofu ricotta: http://createmindfully.com/tofu-ricotta/


Happy cooking, everyone! I love a good storm day spent cooking yummy comfort food in the kitchen. I hope these recipes spark your own storm day cook up.