Week 43 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter

Hello everyone!

We are bracing for a big dump of snow tomorrow, so please stay tuned for updates if we have to change delivery schedules due to weather!

In general, we listen to the reports and if there are schools closed, we do not venture out, either.  A lot of you got to experience weather cancellations the week before Christmas, so you are practiced at it now! 

How it usually works is we come into work at 8 am and make a decision as a team.  If we decide that deliveries are cancelled, we will email you (to the email on your customer account, the same one you receive this newsletter to) as soon as we can, and let you know the plan.  The plan will always include a different day that your share will be available for pick up.  Weather cancellations are the pits, but we want everyone to be safe!  We'll always try to give you as much notice as possible when it comes to changes to the schedule. 

Please ensure that all members of your "pickup team" are included in your customer account email addresses, so no important notices are missed at this weather-dependant time of year! 

Registration for TapRoot's 2014-15 CSA is OPEN!

(If the pea shoots are sayin' it, it MUST BE important!)

We will have some brochures available at your pickup locations for the next few weeks that you are welcome to pass along to friends and family.  You can also forward the email you received yesterday, too!

A reminder about frozen items in the shares: This week we have frozen rhubarb in the shares.  Please do your best to make sure you get yours... If you are at a self-serve location, it may be separate in a cooler.  If your partner does the pick-up duty, please make sure they know to "find the rhubarb"! (we won't HIDE it, I promise!!)

Kick off the New Year with healthy fermentation

Inspired by multiple sources telling me how simple it is, my New Year's resolution this year is to start making my own ferments. 

January is greeted by many of us with health resolutions, so much that we in the produce world actually see spikes in demand for things like kale, beets, carrots, et cetera due to a large number of people starting juice fasts or cleanses.  Unfortunately, January in Nova Scotia is not the most abundant time of year to be putting copious amounts of green veggies through the juicer... Fresh greens like kale and spinach can be pretty hard to come by.  Cabbage, however, is definitely still abundant, and especially healthy when traditionally fermented to make it packed with probiotics. 

(CLICK HERE TO READ MORE, including a recipe shared by a member for simple kimchi, using 1 head of Napa Cabbage)


Old Fashioned Fireside Chili - from Saltscapes

I'm reposting this one, because Jem brought it for lunch yesterday and it made the entire house smell delicious! Beet, Apple, & Potato Soup: http://plantoeat.com/recipes/978506

Celeriac Recipes - a couple of recipes and prep instructions for this wonderful winter vegetable!

Rhubarb!: Earlier in the season I posted about the rhubarb, that you are now getting in your shares this week.  It was a joint effort of TapRoot with The Flowercart.  Anyhow, if you want more of the rhubarb story, click here!

Now collecting any unique ideas (recipes & photos!) that you have for eating alfalfa sprouts... On a sandwich?  Juiced?  On a salad?  If I get some I will put them in next week's newsletter, thanks!!

Shares Deliveries: Monday, January 20, 2014 - Sunday, January 26, 2014

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(We're doing lots of dreaming these days!)  Have an excellent week, stay warm & safe tomorrow!

--The TapRoot Team