Week 44 (Feb 22 - 28) TapRoot 2016

Happy Sunday!

From what I am hearing from Josh the farm is warm and green today. A nice break for us but it could be concerning for the fruit crops. When we've had a hard freeze and then it warms up this much, often the trees think it is time to get into spring action. Then of course it gets really cold again (because it is still February) and this can cause damage to fruit buds. It sounds like really lovely weather at home.

Josh and I have been chatting each day about what is happening on the farm as I am away until the middle of March. The wiring is done for the furnace to start up. Two pieces of equipment showed up last week from PEI. The equipment will be for processing the tow (short linen) into yarn so that very soon you will be able to get 100% NS Linen Tow yarn. We are still working on the long line linen - it is coming soon. The Brussels Sprouts are all done now (none left in storage) until the next crop in 2016. While I am away Josh has been learning the ropes of paying the bills and running to office (lots of helping hands).On Monday the celeriac seeds will start to be seeded into trays. This week a pallet load on pelletized chicken manure for fertility is arriving. Things are getting into place for the 2016 growing season.

Have a great day!

Denise's Test Kitchen

Before he met me, Andy didn't like beets. Imagine! It didn't take me long to bring him over to the red side with recipes like this one for a roasted beet and goat cheese tart. You just can't go wrong with pastry, beets, and cheese. :)

I'm a late-morning snacker. When everyone else has the mid-afternoon droops, I'm fine. But 11:00 am? Give me food. I've been making energy balls lately and I'm a fan of these cranberry almond energy bites. Roast the dry ingredients for a few minutes and then throw everything into a bowl, mix it up, and make balls. Easy peasy, and a good remedy for the grumblies.


Yum! We have Beth's fruit preserves coming in our share boxes this week. There are so many ways to use this delicious sauce, or coulis. I'm a fan of coulis on cheesecake, and pancakes, and even in my morning oatmeal. My nieces love it on ice cream and it's great on my mother-in-law's pound cake. So much goodness from one little bottle.


Enjoy these warm February temperatures, everyone. Have a great week!