Week 44 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter


The TapRoot team has prepared a couple of great articles this week: Falicia has one about payments-- complete with screenshots!-- that is a great refresher for even long-term members.  We get a lot of regular questions about payments, so hopefully this will be helpful to you.  Also, Amy has written about flax "The Terroir of Textiles", and it is well-written and thought provoking!

Apologies that this is a day late this week, I was all tied up with Scotia Horticultural Congress Monday and Tuesday this week.  As always, after attending farmer conferences, I have returned to the farm invigorated and full of ideas and inspiration, so I plan to write a little bit for next week's newsletter so I can tell you about it!

Shares are selling out FAST, so if you haven't signed up yet, this is your first warning!


Falicia's Tidbits - Payment FAQ

Hello everyone!

Over the last couple months I have received a few emails in regards to payments and online financial things. So I thought I would share the answers with everyone so that most of the answers are available whenever members need them. 

1.  I am sure this comes as no surprise but there are sometimes glitches between the accounting software and HarvestHand (the online program).  I am going to apologize for that right now and assure you that I probably just missed recording something in both places so please just email and ask me to look into it (info@taprootfarms.ca)

2. If you would like to pay online (via Paypal) you can start by selecting "Make Payment" once you have signed into your Taproot account. 

3. Once you have selected "Make Payment" you will be taken to a screen that lists your outstanding invoices.  Here you can either select which invoices you would like to pay or you can enter an amount in the text box provided.  You can then be directed to the Paypal website when you can sign into your Paypal account if you have one, set up a Paypal account if you would like one or continue as a Guest without a Paypal account. 

4. When selecting which invoices you would like to pay, if you would like to see what the invoices are for, you can hold your cursor over the ? beside the invoice.  A pop up will show you the details of the invoice.  Please see picture below.

  5. Statements sent from our accounting program have the total amount due on your account until the end of your shares regardless of which payment schedule you have selected.

6 When you sign onto your Taproot account, only the invoices that have come due (anything up until the present day) all depending on the payment schedule you selected.  If you selected monthly payments, each month a new invoice will come due as of the 1st of that month.  If you selected to pay in installments, the invoices will come due as outlined on your order confirmation email. 

7. If you ever have any questions about your account, payments, invoices, or anything related to your Taproot finances please do not hesitate to email me (Falicia) at info@taprootfarms.ca  I would much rather receive an email than have anyone not understanding something.  Other TapRoot staff are not aware of your financial information so it is best just to contact the office directly.

The Terroir of Textiles - By Amy

This alliteration grabbed my attention – yes I cannot claim credit -- I found it buried in a paragraph at the bottom of a story in the New York Times about an Italian textile company working with unusual plants and non-synthetic materials to make fabric.



Silver Fir

Spanish Broom

The company is working with small batches of these materials to make fabrics for fine apparel. What grabbed me was that the words evoke both everyday things, corn on the cob, but also what the gold and emerald of corn from Nebraska is like to wear. 

What aromas does a shirt from broom (a short bushy plant) from coastal Spain emit?…salts, and sandy soil, the particular perfume of the Mediterranean in July 2012.

Terroir describes the relationship of climate, soil type and geology on plants and their fruit. Popularized by the Slow Food movement, it is a term that evolved over time by French winemakers studying the spectrum of flavours that a variety can exhibit; the flavour fingerprint of a particular season in a particular place. 

Terroir – le terre.

Translating the term to textiles is an even newer conversation about localism. Shift from food choices to what we put on our bodies and in our homes. What would a linen shirt, from flax grown beside the Minas Basin in the summer of 2013 wear like? Would it start as your outdoor workshirt and then soften its way to your favorite after-bath wear? Would the dryness of that summer translate into a heavier weave? Would the variety of labourers processing the fibre show up in an irregular warp, recognizable because of its particular story?   

When we have infinite choices as consumers, what becomes precious is story. Volume makes us lose focus, and we search for connection, we search for ourselves. Do I know farmers in Kings County? Have I ever hiked Blomidon and seen the farms that hug the shoreline? The summer of 2013 was dry, I remember I couldn’t find a decent head of lettuce for weeks. 

The flax we are growing and the linen we are working towards will be wearable and functional and it will also be a celebration of the unique people, the place we inhabit, and the growing season that unfolds. When you wear it you will know you are wearing a piece of this place.


Parsnip and Apple Soup - shared by CJ, who adds: "I made this last night and it was awesome!  Thought I’d share.  I threw some pea shoots in the bottom of the bowl before I poured in the soup. YUM!"

Sweet Granola - Leanne at Hutchinson's Maple Syrup called the other to share this recipe with us, she adds:  This is a new recipe from Dave Smart from Front and Central restaurant using gastrique in a granola. I loved it. (The gastrique is an infused maple syrup that we have available in add-ons)

Sliced turnip and bacon bake - Not sure if you know this, but if Jon had his way, we'd have turnips in every share.  He LOVES them, any way I want to prepare them, but just in case you aren't the biggest fan, I'm sure they are delicious (as most things are) when you add bacon.

Turnip and Potato Patties - For those of you who don't start every dish with bacon.  Vegan/vegetarian recipe.  :)

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We are currently having some bumps in our pea shoot production.  We needed a week off to get caught up, but plan for production to be back up to speed next week again!  Here they are on the right  --->

Have an excellent week, and welcome back to Josh and Patricia, who will be returning from Jamaica with tans (and it sounds like lots of bug bites!) tonight!

--The TapRoot Team