Week 47 (March 7 - 20) TapRoot 2016

Notes from the farm:

How to pay for your shares

We've been answering a lot of questions about payments these days. Please take a moment to read the points below from our membership guide:

Payment Methods
1. RBC customers, you can add TapRoot Farms to your list of bills and pay directly from your account.

2. Email transfers
Send to info@taprootfarms.ca  Please include a message with your name and customer number so we can properly credit your account and use the password "taproot." 
3. Cheque or cash in an envelope with your name clearly marked on it.
Give the directly to our delivery driver. (Hosts at our delivery locations are not responsible for taking payments.)
You can mail cheques to us at: TapRoot Farms  1736 Church Street  Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0
Please remember to include your name and customer number in your message, especially if someone else is making the payment. (It takes a lot of time for our bookkeeper to figure which account to credit if we don't have that information.)

Thanks so much! :)

Denise's Test Kitchen

These roasted fingerlings with tarragon-shallot butter are so good! Tarragon isn't the first herb you think of when roasting potatoes. It is often the underling to rosemary, thyme, and chives. But trust me when I say that tarragon lends a really lovely flavour to this dish, with a hint of anise and a slightly sweet taste. There are only two of us, but I always use the whole bag of fingerlings and there are rarely any leftovers!

This is a delicious take on hummus! The contrast in sweet and spicy with the sweet potato and sriracha puts this spiced sweet potato hummus recipe on the top of my go-to list for appetizers.

From the folks at Good Housekeeping:

Shallots, like onions and garlic, are a member of the allium family, but their flavour is richer and sweeter. Like garlic, they grow in clusters, with several bulbs attached to the base. They can be recognized by their coppery skins and off-white flesh, usually tinged with magenta. Shallots add a great depth of flavour to soups, sauces and stews, and pan sautes, and pair especially well with chicken and fish. To substitute one for the other in recipes, use half the amount of shallot that you would onion, and be aware that onions have a much brasher flavour. 


Our Jamaican Jerk Pig Roasts are on the calendar again this summer -- June 19, July 10, August 7. To tempt your taste buds in the meantime, here's a great recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks. Make the rice and peas (the guys never call it rice and beans) together with it for a truly authentic treat!

I love that with snow still on the ground, we can enjoy frozen fresh local raspberries! Truth be told, a pint (or flat) of fresh raspberries never makes it into any of my recipes in the summertime--we eat them as fast as we pick them. :) So in the winter, I enjoy the treat of a pint of frozen raspberries so I can make yummy dishes like these raspberry swirl sweet rolls. So tasty!

Spring is in the air! (Please don't hate on me if we have a big snowstorm after having just said that.) :) We've got seeds being planted and the smell of fresh earth abounds in the greenhouses. I love this time of year! Have a great week, everyone.