Week 47 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter - Birthday Edition

Birthday Greetings!

I realize it may not be your birthday, but this week a disproportionate number of the TapRoot Team are celebrating their birthdays, and so I decided that we would do a Birthday edition of the CSA Newsletter and celebrate everyone's birthdays in one go!  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY-- whenever yours is-- and to the following TapRoot Team members:

Tim C. Tuesday Feb. 18

Falicia Wednesday Feb. 19

Carolyn (Noggins) Wed Feb. 19
Aliah Wednesday Feb. 19

Justine Monday Feb. 24

Canned Tomatoes

This week it's a little bit like summer-in-the-winter, with canned tomatoes and basil pesto in the shares!

The tomatoes were canned in the summer of 2013 by Justine, Patricia, CSA member Andrew, and a little help from from Chris, Greta, and myself (Teri).  They are pressure canned and packed in the jars fresh, so you'll notice that the volume sinks down as they cook and there is a lot of "head space" in the jars.  This is totally normal and they are safe to eat.  At home most people would scald or cook the tomatoes before packing into jars, but with lots of canned tomatoes to make we find that packing them in fresh is the most expedient way to get the project done.  We also add a little bit of salt and a touch of vinegar or lemon juice to increase the acidity (important for the process).

After the tomatoes were canned they were put into storage in the veggie area, and the lids and jars got rather dirty.  Aliah and Natalya took a lot of care wiping off the jars for you last week, and the tomatoes look great!

Don't forget your frozen pesto with your veggie shares this week!

Note From Jem

Jem here, I do love living here in Port Williams. One of the things I love is the variety of events on in Wolfville and area. Last Wednesday I left Bedford at 6pm and got to the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville for the 7pm showing of "Income Inequality for All", an absorbing documentary highlighting the huge disparity in incomes in the US. Thursday night I was back in the Al Whittle for "Pecha Kucha" a story-telling evening on the theme of "All you need is Love" which was great fun. On Friday my wife and I cooked a lovely Valentines meal of Greek Vegetable Feta Pie with Lemon parmesan Asparagus spears and rice salad (not strictly local in February)
Then on Saturday we were at the Designer Café in Kentville for an evening of Wine tasting and food pairing with Pete Luckett. The music on the evening was by Winehardt featuring Amy from Taproot (see photo). On Sunday we were back at the Al Whittle for "Inside Llewyn Davis" the Coen brothers latest film set in Greenwich Village in 1961.
So today(Monday) I am back at work bringing the shares to Dartmouth(see photo of a member using her dog to bring the veggies home) sharing very brief conversations with members on a very cold day. But I do love it, I love my work and the team I work with. There was a lot of love around this weekend and hopefully for many more weekends to come.
Enjoy your week and share the love.

We will be doing a bulk buy of Maple Syrup in the next few weeks and are going to be emailing about that with all the details in a separate email later today or sometime tomorrow.


Popping Corn instructions: Heat 3 T oil on medium in 3 qt saucepan with 3 kernels. Once a kernel pops, add 1/3 cup kernels and cover. Shake gently until the popping subsides. Top with melted butter and salt, or seasoning of your choice.

French Apple Cake - Shared by Mimi

Beet-colored Red Velvet Pancakes (can't believe I missed these in time for Valentine's Day!  Never too late to show your sweetie some extra love I guess)

Broccoli Salad - Winter version!

adapted slightly from Simply in Season

I LOVE the Simply in Season Cookbook.  It is packed full of the type of recipes I like to use- the ones where seasonal veggies and fruit are the stars!  It's also organized by season which makes it easy to find the relevant cache of recipes for what's in your fridge (You can get your own copy under Add Ons, if you like- I highly recommend it!)  I had company on the weekend, and made this salad.  I didn't have broccoli, so I substituted red cabbage and julienned kohlrabi, to much success!

Mix together veggies, bacon, raisins, and seeds in a large bowl. Set aside. In a separate small bowl, combine sugar, vinegar, and mayonnaise/yogurt. Pour over veggie mixture and stir together.

Shares Deliveries: Monday, February 17, 2014 - Sunday, February 23, 2014

50 Week Veggie Share 2013

Fruit Share 2013

Awesome Eggs 2013

Staple Share 2013

So, once again, Happy Birthday to the TapRooters, and to all of you out there in the CSA, whenever your day is!

Stay warm & full of yummy food!

--The TapRoot Team