Week 49 (March 21 - 27) TapRoot 2016

Happy Thursday everyone! This will be a bit long, but please try to scan it all.

Next week, March 28 - April 2 is our final week for the 2015/16 CSA season with the new season starting April 4th.  If you have not signed back up  there is still time. Registration will be open until April 3th. If you have decided to move on from TapRoot (we will miss you), please try and remember to bring all your boxes back to pick-up this week. 

Ed has asked that I remind everyone to look in the coolers for full monty meat or add on's as on occasion they are missed because they are in the blue cooler box. 

Josh is here checking the kale. It will be in the shares this final week of the CSA. He was in the office this morning so excited about how great the greenhouse is with the new heat from the wood dr. A big investment that is already improving our quality of growing and quality of life and see quality of CSA share contents. 

Josh and I and the children have had quite an adventure or the past two months. In early February Josh spent time in Jamaica visiting and working with the men who work with us on the farm. Part of his work with them was captured by Blair Sanderson from CBC. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/jamaica-nova-scotia-blair-sanderson-1.3485801.

While Josh was away, Frank was offered a roll in a movie. Frank is our 8 year old. He accepted and I accompanied him on a 43 day journey away from home in Ontario. Thanks to the great farm team for working through without me (a reminder how great the team is when you go away and they make everything happen). It was an amazing adventure being on a movie set in winter in rural Ontario. I have a facebook group you are welcome to join called Sharing Franks Movie Adventure if you are interested in seeing what our adventure was like. 

A few days before Frank finished filming Josh, Lily and Izaak joined us. They were able to see two days of 'on set' life and then we had a family adventure. (See Frank in this picture in his costume and makeup) We spent a day adventuring in Toronto where we took the tram to Kensington Market and then in the afternoon visited the CN tower. It was really fun to take the train to Montreal on our way home and visit with cousin Katharine and to see Aliah (she has worked on the farm for years before heading to university), stay at a hostel and we lucked into tickets for a Canadiens game.  We took the train the next day home from Montreal. It was a reconnect that we all needed I think. All of this was not planned so it was a great moment by moment adventure for us.

Now we are home and I am getting back into the day to day groove of my life. I must say, it was quite an experience to spend my entire days focusing on our youngest child. Something that has never happened before. I really enjoyed being 100% present for him. It was a gift and I am so happy we had that opportunity. He had a good time on his movie adventure. He is very happy to be home and back at school with his friends. 


1. Tickets are still available for the three dinners we are hosting this summer with Chef Howell and the team of Jamaican men who have inspired the meal on the farm. You can learn more and/or purchase tickets at www.foodeast.ca. 

2. Jenn is accepting bookings for our farm guest house - Swallows Nest. We absolutely love when members from the farm come and stay at the farm. As an incentive for CSA members, we are offering 15% off to CSA members if you book a week long stay in 2016 by April 15th 2016. 

3. Fish - we have more of the Off the Hook Fish available. We will post it on the add on's today for delivery next week. I will send out a special email so you don't miss it. $8.25 per lb. 

4. Egg shares are now available. We have decided to feed our own grown NON GMO grain. This means we will not certify the eggs as organic this year. The hens will continue to live the organic life, but they will eat the non gmo grain vs the certified organic grain. Our plan is that eventually we will have our own organic grain, non gmo is our first step. 

5. Walden Camp is also available for rental this season - for campers who like to rough it.

6. Josh made this cabbage salad (right) the other evening. Please be sure to eat up your cabbage. There are many things you can do with cabbage that are delicious and fun and most of them are really easy. From a facebook post of this picture came many ideas including: salad, stir frys, wraps, tacos, in place of lettuce in sandwiches, homemade sauerkraut, soups, cabbage rolls, thinly sliced raw, fritters, sausage bake, pasta sauce, chili, kimchi, sauteed in taproot apple juice.  Take on the cabbage! 

Denise's Test Kitchen

How about a nice, savoury biscuit recipe for the dried sage coming your way this week? These pumpkin sage biscuits are dee-licious!

I shouted "Yippee!" when I saw savoy cabbage in this week's share box. I was scrolling through some Pinterest recipes past week, saw this one for veggie spring rolls, and remembered how tasty they were when I made them in the fall. Meat share members, you can add some ground pork to these if you like. I'm adding tofu. They're a great appetizer, but good luck not eating them all and spoiling your dinner.


It's so exciting to see the greenhouse starting to green up with all of the baby plants shooting up through the soil. Spring is here! Spring is here! :) Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend with friends and loved ones. ~Denise