Week 5 (May 2- May 8) TapRoot CSA

Week 5 (May 2 - May 8) TapRoot CSA

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The Birkshire pigs out on winter wheat. They have a pretty great view! 

TapRoot Farms Equipment Day

Sunday, May 15th 3-4pm

Come see all of the equipment -- big and small -- that we use on the farm to grow your veggies. 

May is a very busy and critical time of year on the farm. For one hour, we will bring together all of the equipment and explain what we do with it. 

We will meet at 451 Canard Street. Please park along one side of the street so we have room for all the equipment in the farm yard.

Part of the five acre field that is planted in flax seed to become linen for clothing!, a cheerful daffodil

Ginger sprout poking through the soil, members walking back from the farm walk along the road,

 Linda working with her bees that she keeps on the farm, a kale salad that Patricia made with sprouts and tomato.  

Have a great week, and thanks for supporting local food and the people who grow it!

Justine and the TapRoot Team