Week 50 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter - Two more weeks remaining of the CSA

Hi folks!

Happy March Break!


Update on Maple Syrup:

The bulk buy was a success, and there was so much interest from you members that we quadrupled the minimum order, which is great!  Due to the popularity of this buy, we are planning to offer another opportunity to stock up on Maple syrup in the fall, so if you missed it you will get another chance then.

The syrup is arriving this week and will be distributed NEXT WEEK, March 17 - 22.

All of the bottles have been spoken for, so ordering is closed.  Thank you!

TapRoot "Pesto": Organic Basil preserved in pucks with a bit of olive oil: Issue to look out for

There is a minor quality control issue with some of the basil pesto:  A couple people have found it to be gritty.  We have tried a few samples ourselves but are not able to find the issue, so we suspect it has only affected a small batch, not all of it.  Unfortunately, we are learning our lesson the hard way this year, as none of the pesto is labelled with lot numbers (we will do this from now on).  So, what we suggest is that you thaw your basil "pesto" before using it, and then taste it to confirm it is not gritty.  We hope that this will only affect a small number of you, but don't want to ruin your meal in the meantime, so this extra step will help you make sure that it is fine to use.

We are so sorry for this issue, and if you are affected by it please let us know.

Help us come up with a tagline for Saltscapes!

Did you know that 2014 is the International Year of the Family Farm? April 25th, 26th and 27th will find us celebrating our farming heritage at the annual Saltscapes Magazine Expo. As many of you know, our beloved Patricia is Andrew Bishop's eldest daughter from Noggins Corner Farm. With her and Josh behind the helm of TapRoot, the connection between the two farms runs deep in many ways.

And now we need your help!

We need a tag line or slogan that represents the family and farming connection between TapRoot and Noggins. We will use it at our shared booth at Saltscapes and perhaps beyond! Think of something catchy and concise that showcases the pride that we all have in being from the land that nourishes the great food we eat.

Please post your ideas on our facebook page--  Thanks for your creativity and see you at the Expo!

Tiny Little Seeds... Great Big Industry  By Amy

Seeds. It's a hot topic these days on the farm. We talk about varieties, sowing dates, germination rates, seeds per cell-block in the tray. Underlying all of our practical day-to-day concerns is the reality that most of the seeds we use to grow the tons of veggies in your food boxes comes from companies and farms spread all over North America, and even the world. When I stop to think about it it's a pretty wild concept, that little bag of seeds has grown and been cleaned and analyzed and travelled so far before reaching us. The history of its genetics and breeding is yet another journey, but on the inside.

The TapRoot Fibre Lab – the name we've given our linen project – is buying seeds from Europe this year. The breeding of high-quality flax fibre has a long history in the northern European countries – France, Belgium, the Netherlands and so we've gone to the source. Bringing seed from Europe on a commercial scale to Canada is a complex bureaucracy of paper shuffling, the seed analysis examines germination rates and weed seed content and it seems that Canadian standards are pretty demanding. This morning I found out that the cost of the documents we need will be double if not triple the shipping and purchasing cost. Once I found an authorized importer my worries about timing the paperwork and permissions were assuaged.

Flax growing and processing, like most textiles, is now pretty much all happening in China, 50% of global fibre flax farming happens in China and almost 100% of the processing is being done there as well. Breeding programs that individual companies were conducting are also being sent there because the Great Linen Brain is now in China. The seeds we are buying are part of older seed stock that was grown in Europe however the trend to outsourcing breeding programs has touched our seed dealer as well.

Facts like this remind me that despite our work to build and invest in a local food economy, we nonetheless exist within a very globalized and sophisticated machine supplying some of the fundamentals to this farm situated on a peninsula at the edge of a continent.

I started the morning with this chat about seeds with our flax seed dealer and Teri pointed out that these decisions and realities are worth sharing to our members. It's easy to forget the big picture in the day-to-day, but the reason we participate and invest in TapRoot is because business-as-usual can be pretty darn wacky and farms like TapRoot shine a light on paths to health and sustainability.

Notice about payments for those of you continuing in the 2014-15 season: TapRoot Self-Serve Accounting

Those of you continuing into the new season will get this notice again, but if you want to be ahead of the ball, check this out.


I was digging through the archives on Saturday and came up with a whole bunch of gold!  The reason I was digging is because ACORN is about to launch a new CSA online toolkit, so look forward to more info about that coming soon.  So, here's some winter veg recipes, from the TapRoot vault:

My Mom's Borscht - I can't make it through a winter with beets in my life without this recipe.  Just made some last week and used sauerkraut instead of cabbage, which was a great substitution!

Simple Roasted Turnip Bisque

Latkes, or "Root Vegetable Pancakes" - I have made these with all sorts of root veggies, and they are ALWAYS good!

Gingered Cabbage

Apple Butter Jelly Recipe

Carrot Cranberry Salad

Justine's Instructions for Frozen Tomatoes

Also, here's a good one Justine found for Quail, which is in the meat shares this week:

Asian Style Roasted Quail

And Monique shared one for Baked Beans on Facebook:

With the beans in my share I'm gonna make Maple bacon baked beans in the crock pot

1lb or so of beans.

about 6 cups of home made chicken stock (because better than water) I added a bit of water to thin it out.

(Take some of those frozen chicken bones from your Taproot hens and boil em up with vinegar/carrot/celery/onion/garlic for about 12hrs to get the best goodness)

1 cup of Maple Bacon flavored BBQ sauce, maybe more, I eyeball it, I use the President's Choice Maple Bacon BBQ sauce from the Super Store.

( here’s a recipe for one it if you don't want to buy it, and use some of the syrup you're gonna get from the huge Co-op order coming up):

1/4cup REAL maple syrup, not table syrup, MAPLE syrup. trust me
1 can tomato paste
1/4 cup blackstrap molasses
bacon cooked and crumbled
a few tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup brown sugar
Dash of liquid smoke
Mix it together, done)

dash Salt,
1tbsp yellow mustard,
2 tsps summer savory,
2tsps thyme

Salt pork

Soak beans for about 24hrs or so, with 2tbsp baking soda Drain/Rinse

Dump them into the crock pot with the stock, BBQ sauce and seasonings. Give it a stir.

Cook on low for 10hrs or so...Voila, done.

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, March 9, 2014 - Saturday, March 15, 2014

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Tim R, TapRoot's green-thumbed-seeding-machine, proudly showing off all the leeks that he recently finished (50,000 seeds planted).  On to the onions, parsley, and celeriac this week!

Have a great one!

--The TapRoot Team