Week 51 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter - One more weeks remaining of the CSA


The photo to the right appeared back in our week 24 newsletter, when Phoebe was blanching and freezing the peas.  Now they have made an appearance in your shares, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!   There are some extra available for purchase through add-ons, if you like (Listed under "Vegetables").

Jem passed around cards yesterday in honor of the Irish special day, and I thought I'd scan it and share with you, as I know he would have sent you all a card if he could!

...Have a Happy-Go-Lucky Day!


TapRoot Lost & Found

We are looking for (possibly) Noah, with a birthday on August 19th, or some other young person that is missing a blue technological device.  It came back in a share box last Wednesday (we suspect).  Please email Teri if you are missing something!

TapRoot Farms is looking for a Delivery Driver!

We need someone awesome for the TapRoot Team, and wanted to ask you members first (and don't worry, no one is leaving, we are just shifting some roles around on the farm to help make things run more efficiently).  So, if you are-- or if you know of anyone who is-- looking for a job, here's some more details, please share:

TapRoot Farms located in Port Williams, Nova Scotia is looking for a full-time delivery driver and Community Shared Agriculture champion to join our farm team.  This position requires daily driving from the valley into Halifax and area, lots of focus and someone who is very detail oriented. We are looking for someone who has a passion for local food and farms and who has a disposition to smile. This is an important position at the farm and it requires someone who is energetic and friendly as you will be interacting with many of our CSA members and their families.  The successful candidate must hold a valid class 5 license and be able to provide a clean driving record.

Contact us if you would like more information about the position. 

Please apply by emailing a brief cover letter and your resume as well as your answer to the following question: “Local agriculture is important to me because...” to teri@taprootfarms.ca

Roasting Beets by Teri

I NEVER peel beets.  It's partly because I'm lazy, and mostly because who wants to get covered in beet juice?  When I make borscht I just make sure I scrub them clean and then zip them through the shredder in the food processor, and so I barely even have to touch them.  I wanted to share that, as lots of people peel them, and especially since they are small beets this week, I wanted to save you some tedious kitchen work.

My favourite way to eat beets is roasted.  When I was looking for a recipe to share with you, I was surprised at all the different ways there are to roast beets. 

What I usually do is scrub them clean, cut off the top bit and the tail ("root", if you want to be technical about it), make sure they are all about the same size (which is why we've bagged up the nice small ones for you this week), and then place them in a covered dish in the oven with just enough water to cover the bottom of the dish and bake until they are soft.  Sometimes if I'm feeling daring I don't cover the dish, it makes them a different texture and slightly different flavour (or that could be my oven burning the tops of things!).

Annette, who is a member in Kingston, mentioned that she roasts them in foil, individually wrapped and put in the oven while the rest of the meal is cooking.  She says her family have been enjoying beets so much this way this winter!   

One thing I found that I have never thought about before is that you can roast beets ahead and then store them in the fridge for up to a week.  This way, you can have them all chilled and ready for that goat-cheese-beet salad that you are planning to make, or whatever you want to throw them into.  Beets take quite a while to cook, so this is a great time-saving tip that I am planning to institute in my kitchen. If you are not convinced that you want to eat the skin, once they are roasted it actually slides off easily.

Update from the Orchards By Adrien at Noggins

From the fruit-grower's perspective this winter has been a real blessing.  The cold kills off a lot of pests that can wreak havoc on a crop and the constant snow cover has kept wind erosion to a minimum.  When all the snow melts in the spring (which officially starts on Thursday!!) it will really help replenish the water table and irrigation will be a minimal concern.  Go winter!


Last week at market I had the delicious shepherd's pie with celery root topping in the photo to the right. -->

Lyle and Laura from Creative Gourmet are joining the CSA in the new season, and uses local ingredients in all that he makes (and often TapRoot veggies and Noggins fruit from the Hammonds Plains Farmer's Market).  He has promised to share some photos of the things he makes with me this season, to help inspire your creativity in the kitchen!  He often posts photos of what he is making on his Facebook page, I find that since he uses our veggies he is often on the same page as I am for things that I can make because I have all the ingredients in my fridge.

Chef Lyle advises: I made the celery root top 50% celeriac and 50% potato so that combined it will stand up together. Celeriac can be watery when puréed. Even at 50/50 the celery root flavour shines through.

Bottomless Chicken Pot Pie From Wendy at Simple Balance

Wendy posted this recipe yesterday (click the link to view the recipe), how fitting that it requires frozen peas!  It looks delicious as always, and I LOVE biscuit toppings on hearty soups and stews.  My mouth is watering for sure, hope yours is too!

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We have started having red-breasted visitors outside the office window, here's a shot of one who was helping himself to some of the walnuts and apples still clinging to the tree.

Happy first day of Spring this Thursday, hopefully the weather will reflect that it is spring soon!

--The TapRoot Team