Week 52 TapRoot Farms CSA Newsletter - Last week of delivery, thanks for your support!

Hi folks!

We've reached the final week of the 2013-14 season!  Time flies, doesn't it?!  By the sounds of it, we will be going out with a bang with another Wednesday storm tomorrow (GROAN!!-- Wednesday members stayed tuned tomorrow morning for further info & instructions).

This week there is sauerkraut in the shares.  It was made by Malcolm and Betty, here's a photo of some members getting to see behind the scenes when it was being made a few weeks ago  -->


Farewell from the TapRoot Team

I've asked the team for some parting words to share as we end our year together:

Falicia: This year has been so wonderful. All of the members have been so receptive to our new ideas and bookkeeping systems which has been greatly appreciated as we learn and grow together. Thank you and hope to see you all next year!

Tim C: The end of a season! Thanks to everyone for supporting the farm and choosing to invest in healthy, local food. My participation at the farm has changed the way I eat and think about food. 

I especially want to thank all the CSA members I meet and see during deliveries. Despite the long, cold winter, there has always been time to chat about family, food and fun. All the best to all of you! Spring will come.

Jem: It has been wonderful meeting all the members that I have over the last year and for those who have signed up again, I look forward to seeing you next week and hopefully not talking about the cold weather or the snow, but rather how warm it is and how spring has suddenly arrived.

Tim R: Thank you for being part of TapRoot's CSA and also buying organic whenever you can.  I hope you all can make it back next year for another great season... Thank you!
Teri:  I really feel like I got to know a lot of you throughout the year, either via email or by meeting in person, and I thank all of you for your commitment to local agriculture and community.  Hope to continue growing our relationship next year in the CSA, or wherever our paths cross next!

March 25th on the farm By Patricia

The sun is shining bright this morning. The forecast isn't great for tomorrow. I think I am  enjoying the sun even more when I think about what tomorrow might bring.

Yesterday I posted about the greenhouse...and what is seeded in there and someone asked for more....SO.....here is some more info on what is happening on the farm.

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday for those of you in Halifax know today is share day.

Right now, 8 AM, sitting in our kitchen, i can hear Jon down stairs in the 'commercial' kitchen rinsing the sprouts. They are grown in a room, in glass jars, with a grow lamp over top of them.

Josh is on his way out the door and is planning to get ready for a blizzard. I am not sure what that means exactly. Likely he will secure the pig houses, get bins more secure outside, check that all to doors are shut, ensure there is lots of wood, etc, etc.

Falicia is on her way in to work now. She has been busy entering invoices for the 2014/15 season. In case you are wondering, many of your payments have arrived (thank you!), and we are busy entering them. Hopefully in good time for an April statement:) Also, you can check on the TapRoot webpage for your account balance to be sure you agree it is correct:)

Courtney and Patrick arrived last week from Jamaica - on Thursday to be exact. Today they are cutting up squash for the shares.

There is no seeding happening today on the farm. Tim R does most of the seeding and he is away today doing deliveries today.

When he seeds again, he is seeding tomatoes.

Lily is asking me to get off the computer and drive her to school - Got to run! Have a great day!


Justine told me about these and I have been making them weekly ever since: The best granola bars (ever)

Sauerkraut (in this week's veggie shares) is really good for you, especially when eaten raw so that the probiotics (a natural & healthy product of the process) are preserved. 

However, if you've tried it and think you don't like it, try it fried (the heat destroys the beneficial bacteria, but also makes it delicious!): http://www.food.com/recipe/fried-sauerkraut-46133.  OR: you can throw it in soups or stews (the last batch of borscht I made, I didn't have cabbage but I used sauerkraut, which I think I even liked better!).

Or, just do like Josh does and eat it straight out of the bag! :P -->

Shares Deliveries: Sunday, March 23, 2014 - Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Fruit Share 2013

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A real, big heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us on the TapRoot team, for all of you who were members this year.  We leave you with smiling faces, and this quotation (above), which I feel explains the difference that you have made, through your CSA membership at TapRoot Farms.

Thank you!

--The TapRoot Team