Week 6: Farm Update

Good Afternoon CSA Members,

We made your CSA shares this afternoon. They look so delicious! Here is a time lapse video of Tim, Tim and Josh making the shares.  (I could not record and help build at the same time) How fun to see the movement and the filling of the share box. I thought as I watched if of Lean principles and wondered for a moment if we could have a time lapse of a week of the movement on the farm. That would provide so much insight. 

Broccoli sprouts are extra special & packed with nutrients. When I eat them I take a handful out of the bag and rinse them using a strainer, then I have them in salad or as the salad or as a topping for whatever I am eating or in a wrap or sandwich. They will be good in the fridge for 7 days or more. Eating them fresh is always best. You don't need to rinse them, I just do. They are super clean - going from the jar to bag with gloves and hair net and lab coat on, pre-cooled to get the heat out before bagging. Our sprout process is CFIA stamp approved. 

The celeriac is great grated in salad, chopped and roasted, or chopped soup. Here is a recipe that looks yummy and you can make with this weeks share. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/carrot-apple-celeriac-mash

The apples this week are Spartan's. They have just come out of long term controlled atmosphere storage so they are nice and crispy.  

REGARDING NEXT WEEK: 59 of you are happy for us to spread out the value over three weeks. 6 of you would prefer a refund and 25 of you did not respond. Based on the numbers, we will go ahead and spread out the value starting this week. We went ahead and added carrots to the shares this week to help bridge the food gap with the week away. The value this week works out to $34.  When I tallied this weeks shares value I didn't include one of the cells where I put the value of the mushrooms. So with the carrots and mushrooms it brings the share value to $34. I promise I will not give you the remaining value all in Kohlrabi. One member ask that specifically and it made me smile. I promise to try and keep it balanced for you. Thanks so much for the support, well wishes and for accommodating this! Also the feedback it is really helpful. 

We are hosting an event on March 20. 

Welcoming Spring: Farm Tour and Josh’s Nuffield Presentation

March 20, 2020 6:30PM

Come join us. Lets gather at the farm to celebrate the International Day of Happiness and the beginning of Spring 2020.

We love the farm, the soil, the air, the ponds, the birds and the trees and we want to share it with you.

There will be three things we will do: 1) we will tour the farm, see what is growing (and where) and learn about what the plans are for fields and tunnels for 2020. 2) Josh will give a presentation on his Nuffield Experience and present his report on Flax: Seed to Shirt and 3) we will share food together.

I am suggesting that the event will begin at 6:30 with the walking tour, followed by food, followed by Josh’s presentation.

We would love to see you!


Recipe idea: Last year Kim blogged for TapRoot. Here is one of her posts and I thought the veggie hash might be a helpful idea for some of you who might be feeling overwhelmed. http://taprootfarms.ca/2019/05/2-ideas-for-a-fridge-clean-out-that-arent-soup/

In other farm news:

Okay, I am signing off now and heading home to get some supper ready for the kiddos. They are getting so grown up now. Izaak just finished high school at the end of first term. 

Wishing you a lovely evening!