Week 6 TapRoot 2015

~Happy Saturday - The very end of Week 6~

News from the farm:

CSA update:  If something didn't arrive in your share that should have please send along a bad apple report and we will make it right the next week. Please include your name as it appears on the list, your location and what was missing. CSA@taprootfarms.ca 

Also, I have had a couple of emails regarding the volume in the shares. It does seem light right now, we agree, the season has been very slow to get going. Thank you again for sharing the ups and downs of this season together and committing to this year of food life with us. Please keep sending along comments, concerns, celebrations or suggestions. They are always welcome.

Regarding office time: Because of the time of year, we are in the office very little these days. I often catch-up on Monday morning. Please know that if you miss a share pickup it is being donated. You are welcome to come to the farm at 451 Canard Street,  8-5 Monday thru Saturday to collect it (except for exceptions listed below).  For example: if you miss on Monday, it will be in the cooler until Wednesday. If you miss on Friday, it will be in the cooler until Wednesday when it is delivered to food bank. (Exceptions: YWCA is donated to YWCA, St. Marks stays for food bank at St. Marks, Seaport missed pickups go to foodbank in metro and Mosaic missed pickups go to school food program)



~A few images~

Nettle harvesting

Watering transplants

unloading the truck on Canard Street



Recipes from Denise's Test Kitchen

I was out in my garden this weekend, preparing the beds for transplants. Actually, my hens were doing most of the digging--I just tidied up when they were finished. :) We mostly grow greens and tomatoes, so we have a steady supply of salad fixins' through the summer. I'm always so excited when the first bunches start to grow. I can hardly wait to pick them! Luckily TapRoot Farms is way ahead of me so I can leave my little plants be while I get delicious greens from the farm. I made this warm spinach salad with bacon and mushrooms (pictures left) over the weekend and it was fabulous with some barbequed sausages. I prepared mine with tempeh "bacon" and Andy had the real deal. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Before I became a TapRoot member, I bought cabbage occasionally; mostly for coleslaw or wraps. Since becoming a member I can't believe I ever thought cabbage was boring! I'm always finding a delicious recipe to use our cabbage in and this one for cashew cabbage (pictured centre) is really yummy. In a hurry? If you have a food processor, this dish can be on the table in 20 minutes. Delicious and quick for the win!

I LOVE Indian food. When we lived in Toronto we were five minutes from Little India on Gerrard, which meant authentic Indian food at least weekly. When we moved back to the Valley, I set out to find some simple and delicious recipes I could make and enjoy at home. This palak paneer (pictured right) recipe is one of several that we make regularly.
p.s. I've made paneer but I often just substitute tofu or halloumi cheese.


Andy's the carnivore in our house so I leave the meat cooking to him. He loves roast chicken and he loves tasty and he loves easy. I think this slow cooker roast chicken (pictured left) fits the bill! It's stuffed with lemon wedges, garlic, and rosemary, and the spice rub for the chicken sounds really flavourful. Best of all, you put everything together in the slow cooker in the morning and come home to dinner. Happy roasting!

What to do with those frozen tomatoes...
Here is a great (and healthy) recipe that everyone will enjoy. I roast the tomatoes to dry them if I'm using
frozen (like this week) and usually make this chicken and spinach pasta bake (pictured centre) with (vegetarian) sausage. Easy to put together and really tasty!

I used to get up early on Sunday mornings with my dad and we'd make pancakes together. Apple pancakes. We just chunked up the apple and added it to the pancake batter. Easy peasy. These apple cinnamon yogurt pancakes (pictured right) call for shredded apple (I use Gala or Jonagold), which creates a really lovely texture and I really like the addition of the Greek yogurt. I think Dad would have liked them, too.




Izaak is on the road today with Justine. Here he is jumping in this morning. 
Have a great day today everyone!
Enjoy your meal!
Patricia, Josh and the whole team.