Week 6: TapRoot CSA

Hi All,

We planted a part of a field with the remaining purple top turnips. Josh wasn't sure if we should put them in the shares or till them in but I insisted that we put them in. He is concerned that many people don't like them. 

Here is a story about the purple top turnip and why I wanted to put them in the shares. There is this book that we read when I was a kid. Ever since that book I have wanted to grow purple top turnips like they did in the book. I have just searched up the book and funny enough, the turnips show up once. That one time made an impression in my memory. I have included a link to a youtube read a loud version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grPvFx2dVoI

Please peel, trim off the rough looking parts and eat your turnips. I would love to hear about your recipe ideas. I will search some up and share too. 

Also a few changes to amounts in the shares that I haven't changed on line yet. 

Happy hot Monday!