Week 7 & 8 TapRoot 2015

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Have you heard about the Stepping Up Conference? If you are able to check into the conference on June 16th your perspective is invited and welcomed. There are locations throughout Nova Scotia and it is being live streamed so if you want to participate from home you can.  http://steppingupconference.nationbuilder.com/

Izaak took this one....evening chores and hang out with Floppy.

Recipes from Denise's test kitchen - Week 8

'Tis the week for nettles! Aside from being delicious, stinging nettle has many health benefits. Read more about it here, including precautions around possible drug interactions. As for what to do with them, here is what I do:
When I bring fresh nettles home, I rinse them well (with rubber gloves on) and then blanch them for a few minutes in a pot of boiling water. I remove them from the pot, drain them, and then whiz up the leaves in the food processor. They're fabulous for making pesto and dips. And the tea that is leftover is great for a lot of things; like a toner for acne-prone skin or a mouth gargle for canker sores. Check out the myriad recipes and uses for your nettles in this great blog post by Ariana Mullins.

Every week is becoming my favourite share week. I love spring!! This week's box has beautiful rhubarb stalks, and that means I'll be making these delicious rhubarb bars this weekend.

I've made these baked asparagus fries in the oven and on the barbeque--which one depends on how warm it is. On their own, they are fabulous, but go the extra step and make the roasted garlic aioli. It is fabulous.


Recipes from Denise's test kitchen - Week 7

I was downright giddy when the shares were posted for this week. I love dandelion greens! We used to frequent this great little restaurant on The Danforth in Toronto--Jean's Vegetarian Kitchen (or as we called it, Jean's Yummy Kitchen). Jean served up some amazing food and when dandelion greens were in season, they were on the menu. This is as close to Jean's recipe as I've been able to find. If you're new to these beauties on your plate, give this recipe for dandelion greens with mustard vinaigrette (pictured below left) a try. It is seriously delicious. You'll start hoping for dandelions on your lawn.

Sunchokes? Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, these little beauties are more akin to a potato than the artichokes we're used to seeing in the store. Sunchokes are tubers of the sunflower (thus, sunchokes...) I'll be honest--before I joined TapRoot I had never had one before. I started out roasting them, because it was easy, and found they have a lovely, nutty flavour. Then I stumbled upon this recipe for caramelized sunchokes (pictured right) last summer. I haven't looked back. So. Good. Let's just say I can't wait to make it this week.


I was giddy about the dandelion greens. I was giddy x2 at the prospect of our first feed of fiddleheads this spring. These little bundles from the forest are beyond delicious. I find the best thing to do with fiddleheads is as little as possible. Here is the tried and true recipe from our house to yours:

1. Fill a medium bowl with very cold water
2. Add 1 tsp of sea salt and the juice of half a lemon

3. Trim the ferns of any brown or dry areas and soak them in the salted lemon water
4. Bring a pot of water to boil
5. Melt 4 tbsp (yes, 4 tbsp) in a pan over med-high heat
6. After rinsing, blanch (2 dozen) fiddleheads for about 1 minute
7. Strain and quickly transfer to melted butter
8. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side, until slightly crispy and golden
9. Season with salt, pepper, and some lemon zest and serve right away.

I made this yummy beet hash (pictured below left) over the weekend. I altered the recipe a bit--adding carrot and shredding the beets instead of chopping--and it was a delicious and hearty breakfast/brunch. Shredded veggies cook faster, so from start to finish this dish took about 20 minutes.

I've said this before: Andy's the carnivore in our house. But whenever we're cooking up a sauce or marinade, we divide it in half--half for the chicken legs and half for the tofu--so we're both eating the same dish, sort of. This lemon and rosemary sauce is a winner. It's so flavourful! We make it vegetarian by using vegetable broth instead of chicken; otherwise it's the same recipe. If you want to get away from the typical sticky drumsticks or fried drumsticks, give this chicken with lemon and rosemary (pictured below right) recipe a try. It is lip-smacking good.


It's a delicious week to be a member! Happy cooking!