Week 7 (May 16 - May 22) TapRoot CSA

Week 7 (May 16 - May 22) TapRoot CSA

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Haskap and strawberries in full bloom. 

Kingsley - Two tunnels were planted with ginger this week, also cabbage and broccoli transplants were planted out in the fields

We welcomed Bolo and Michael to the farm as they had just arrived from Jamaica last week.

Patrick - Had been watering the seedling greenhouses as well as informing us that there were some onions that were touched with a frost, but they will recover.

Martel, Wesley, and Cornelius were cleaning out the tunnels so they are ready to be transplanted in.

Chris - has been spraying lime-sulfur on the apple trees. This prevents scab.

Tim - Fixing animal fences as well as seeded 10 trays of green onions. We seed the onions every two weeks for a continuous harvest of green onions. 

Josh - The cherry trees and strawberries are in full bloom, there are two planting of peas that are up.


A Bishop Family supper of nettles, carrots, fiddle heads, pork, and cabbage. Planting the organic hard cider orchard! 

Lily (Patricia and Josh's daughter) has taken on the driveway market and is very diligent. Stop by if you are in the area.

Have a great sunshiny week!

Justine and the TapRoot Team