Week 7 TapRoot Farms 2014 CSA Newsletter

Hello & Welcome to Week 7!

The spring has been a bit slow coming, so we are still consuming more root veggies than usual for May.  Stick it out a couple more times on the storage crops like beets and turnip, I swear more exciting spring greens are on the way very soon!  Check out Josh's update below for more info about the season so far.

To the right is a photo of the crew bagging dandelion & fiddleheads for shares yesterday morning, including Jocelyn, who is new to the farm this week and will be filling in for Justine's role when she takes maternity leave.  Welcome, Jocelyn!  (L-R: Justine, Jocelyn, Amy, Jill, Jem)


This week is Staple Share week, if you have one of those on your order.  :)

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May 12 Update from Josh

 Hello everyone,

Well, here it is May 12, I just came up the stairs from the greenhouse because Jillian informed me the fire was out.  Firstly, I cannot believe we are still having to have a fire going in the greenhouse, and secondly: grrrrr!!! But alas, it is going and the plants are toasty warm which is good, as it will be cold yet again tonight.

This has been one of the coolest springs for awhile, we do have things planted but they just sitting there shivering. For example, our cherry orchard needs bees April 30 as full bloom always falls on May 1-3... Well, not this year: Today the blooms finally opened up. That is 10 days late-- wow, that is substantial, even if we do get some real warm days I don t think things will rebound. My educated guess will be most things will be 5-7 days later-- not really a big deal but interesting.

Other than the cold start, it has been an overall enjoyable spring. As I said we do have lots of fresh food planted, we all are just waiting patiently for it to grow.  I am getting a little nervous as our root vegetable storage is getting low, hopefully the last of the beets are enjoyed as the new beets are ready for harvesting, which will be beet greens first.  Oh, I can't wait... the taste of fresh beet greens is making my mouth water now. This time of year is hard as we try to finish up our last year storage crops with the anticipated taste of summer. Be patient: things are growing in the fields for all to enjoy.

Here is our line up so far: radish, beets, lettuce, salad greens, onions, kale, swiss chard, sweet corn, peas, beans, pac choi, dill, cilantro, and last but not least potatoes.....oh, carrots-- can't forget carrots! And of course the greenhouses are busting out the sides full of goodness. So I hope you all are having a positive experience with your share boxes so far this year.  I am signing off as I am off to check the furnance-- again-- grrr, and take a peak around the animal barn to make sure all the animals are safe and happy. 

Over and out,

Nova Scotia is Amazing!!  Slow Food: Good Clean Fair By Patricia

Nova Scotia is Amazing! Hands down.

Just after Saltscapes last week I picked up a friend I met at the Slow Food Int'l Terra Madre in 2012. Cynthia joined us at TapRoot from Slow Food Edmonton. Just in the few days we spent together here at home, I was reminded again how incredible our Annapolis Valley is. In three days she was able to visit the Bay of Fundy, help out on the farm, have a winery tour, eat at fine restaurants, enjoy and be moved by local theatre, and stand by watching the movement of the tides in the Cornwallis River. 

On Thursday we headed to Tatamagouche to participate in the Slow Food Canada national meetings.  It is a wonderful feeling to be in a room with people from across Canada who are passionate and committed and working so hard for Good Clean Fair food for everyone.

We had a tour, tastings, cheeses, extraordinary meal at Jost Winery in Malagash. On Friday we had meetings at the Tatamagouche Centre followed by a wonderful tour to Sugar Moon Farm, Bonnymans wild blueberries and Green Dragon Biodynamic farm - then off to another lovely dinner and kitchen party with music so moving we all just had to dance:) The band was: Ten Strings & a Goat Skin (they add more amazing to this Atlantic region).

Then on Saturday we continued the meetings (not really the fun part, but necessary) and ended the day with the most amazing event. Lia Rinaldo a Slow Food Nova Scotia member expresses her volunteerism through making this wonderful fundraiser happen called Slow Food Spring Supper. (she and teams of other volunteers) Lia is also the Managing Director of Devour: The Food Film Festival. I think she is pretty great and makes events happen that are a part of the AMAZING of NS! 

Josh and I were touched and honoured to receive recognition as one of Slow Food Canada's Slow Food Heroes.  We feel so full of gratitude for everyone around us who are making TapRoot Farms what it is....a farm, a community, a system of agriculture that takes care of the planet and people and spirit... (READ MORE)

TapRoot Fibre Lab Update By Amy

Spring has arrived and we are deep into watching the forecast, and clutching handfuls of soil checking to see if its dry enough yet. A wet and cool month has meant that we're a few weeks behind, but today's sun shine promises that we'll soon be all caught up on transplanting and field work.

The latest on the flax front is that we've had some great coverage from the Chronicle Herald, a newspaper with provincial circulation. There's some really nice pics! Check out the link to read the story. We were really pleased to be approached to be part of this story which shows the history of flax growing and linen processing in Nova Scotia and its potential as a sustainable industry here.

This news piece has been nicely timed with our initiative to build up a network of other interested individuals, artisans, farmers and textile industry folk. If you'd like to be kept in the loop with our monthly newsletters, follow this link. Our hope is that The TapRoot Fibre Lab can flourish with the support and engagement of others that are passionate about natural fibres and sustainable value added products.

Down in the flax fields we are madly (the excited kind of madly) waiting the arrival of our seed from the Netherlands. It has been a long road of paperwork and we can't wait to see little green flax seedlings germinating in our field.

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Garden needs this spring?  The TapRoot Team recommends you check out Bloom Greenhouse and Garden Centre in Hammonds Plains!

Welcome Back, and Happy Birthday to Jem!

Jem has just returned to us from a vacation in Hawaii. Here's a couple photos from Jem: Long Beach Vancouver Island of us both and I've included one of me with a turtle in the background on the Black sand beach in Hawaii.

Also, wishing Jem the happiest of birthdays today!

The Return of Calvin - 2014

I think this is Calvin's 12th season at the farm (he comes each season from Newfoundland), so it's significant that he has returned (as of last Wednesday).  The arrival of Calvin each year to TapRoot Farms heralds the coming of spring!

Calvin has already been hard at work transplanting, I saw him working on Kale, and this photo is from harvesting Kale last summer... He is usually found transplanting, harvesting, or ripping around on the gator for either of those tasks!  Welcome back, Calvin!


This week, I am focusing on recipes for the less-common items in your shares- Dandelion and Fiddleheads.  Please help us build up our arsenal of recipes and send a photo and quick description of how you enjoyed yours! (teri@taprootfarms.ca)

A couple of TapRoot Tips:

Dandelion Greens with Double Garlic - From Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything

Dandelion Greens Recipes part of "CSA, WTF?!" series from the Huffington Post

More Recipes for Dandelion from Mariquita CSA Farm

Fiddlehead Tart (pictured)- from Closet Cooking (get in my belly!!)

Fiddlehead Soup - from the TapRoot Archives

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Shares Deliveries: Sunday, May 11, 2014 - Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Egg Share 2014

Staple Share, bi-weekly 2014

Fruit Share 2014

I am including a photo of our new piece of equipment, because I thought it might be really exciting to some of you!

S tine with double rolling baskets - Finish Harrow

This tool reduces the amount of rototilling that we have to do, creating a fine seed bed without disturbing the soil as much as a tiller does.  Without getting too deep into the agricultural till-versus-no-till argument, we think this is a good thing for our production practices and for our soil to be as healthy as possible.

Have a great week!

--The TapRoot Team