Welcome and update

Hello All CSA Members, 

I have a list of items to share with you. I am sorry in advance that not everything is relevant to everyone. 

1) Anyone who had a double up last week, please remember to not come to pickup this week. We will see you again May 26th. 

2) Fruit Share (fruit share only) Members - there will be blueberries in the share so please don't forget them at pickup. 

3) This week there are Veggie & Fruit Share, Veggie Share, Fruit Share, Meat Shares and Egg Shares. This always has the potential to cause a few mix-ups because of the various offerings. The shares are labelled. PLEASE take what is on the CSA list only. Even if you think you should have something and it isn't listed, please take what is listed and then contact me via email so we can sort it out. csa@taprootfarms.ca 

4) Meat share members, I know the share is  the same as last week but for the double up week purpose  it made it easy to do the same and I figured we can't have too many pre made hamburgers. Just in case you are wondering if I am being forgetful or something, I am in fact being intentional. I hope you enjoy! 

5) For the next few weeks we will be welcoming new members each week as they join the CSA. WELCOME new CSA members. We are excited to share the season with you. Please be sure to review details on your location found on the website, http://taproot.harvesthand.com/ . This website is your CSA portal. You can log in here to order additional add on's or on Friday see what is planned to be in your share. 

6) LOCATION DETAILS: At all of the Noggins locations you can call and request that they bring the share to the curb. If they are busy this may take a few minutes however we are trying to ensure there is enough staff scheduled to work to make this seamless. At Dinah's Sourdough I will be there with the van from 12 - 12:30 for pickup from the van. While the weather is good we will leave the shares near the staff entrance door to minimize you needing to enter the building. If there are not too many than I will leave your names on them  - thanks Dan and staff at Dinah's for hosting. At The Loop it is an outside pickup - thanks Mimi for hosting. At the farm delivery....come to the warehouse at 451 Canard Street. It is the one with the wooden pillars holding up the roof, making a summer outdoor work space. Enter the building through the person door. There is hand sanitizer and a special cleaner for the door knobs. Inside, turn on the lights if you arrive after hours, walk towards the plastic hanging down, flick on the light switch on the right, slide open the big white door. Inside the door on the right is a shelf. There are your CSA boxes and a clip board with a list. Check off your name and take your share. Any frozen items will be in the freezer just outside by the main door. Any add on orders will be there on the shelf. If you have requested a home delivery, we will deliver to the address on your account. I usually arrive between 10 and 2:30 for city deliveries. If the day is flowing well I will be finished delivering by 2:30. I will drop at your front door or what looks like an obvious front entrance ring the door bell and depart. If you need me to know anything special ie. please leave inside the porch or leave in the cooler beside the large shrub or or or please call me 902 670 3277 or text me. If you text, which I am happy with, please tell me your name as it appears on the delivery list. (my preference is text so I can look back and make notes vs try to remember)

7) This week there are fiddleheads in the shares and some fresh radish. These were added in after I had posted the list on Friday. Please enjoy! OH and the radish were not washed. There wasn't enough time before making shares today. They are quite clean but maybe give them a little rinse off. 

8) Have a great day! 

Sorry for all the details....I hope I remembered everything.....Many thanks,


(your middle aged woman farmer) 

PS. Bring a bag and leave the box for us to reuse. OR return the box the next week. I will send a video on how to flatten the box by maintaining the box integrity so we can reuse.