Welcome to TapRoot Farms 2014-15 CSA - 1 week until deliveries begin!

Welcome to TapRoot Farm's 36-week CSA!

Deliveries begin next week for the 36-week option of shares and we are really excited to meet all the new members and welcome back some folks, too!

Every Tuesday, you will receive a email newsletter to your inbox with stories and photos from the farm, as well as any important updates or answers that we need to pass along to you.

Here's the most important update of all:

If you read nothing else from the farm this entire season, please read this online Membership Guide (click the link to view the document)

This will tell you everything you need to know about being a CSA member at TapRoot Farms.  If you read it and still have questions, please email me and I will add the answer to the guide so everyone can know and we can continue improving our materials for future members!

If you ever need to refer back to it (and I hope you do!), it is located on the TapRoot Farms website by clicking "CSA" > "Members"

Here are the faces of most of the wonderful people who will be growing your food this year!  We are looking forward to seeing yours next week as well, and encourage you to send us a family photo that we can post on our wall.

Thanks so much, let us know if you have any questions or concerns before we begin our 36 weeks together!

Talk soon,

--Teri & The TapRoot Team