Welcome to TapRoot Farms 2014-15 CSA - 4 weeks until deliveries begin!



3 March 2014

Hello members!

Welcome to the 2014-15 season of TapRoot Farms CSA! 

Deliveries for the new season of shares start Monday, March 31, 2014 - four weeks from today. If you are receiving this, we have you listed as registered for the 2014-15 season of veggie, fruit, egg, flower, meat, or staple shares in our CSA program.  If you are already a current member, this means you will continue from the last week of the current season-- seamlessly-- to the start of the new one in 4 weeks.

This email is meant to serve as a reminder, as well as to provide some tips and more info of what to expect in your upcoming CSA share. 

If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

Below are links to many of our Frequently Asked Questions.  These are all straight from the website, so you can refer to them as you need.

news_bustech_arw1.gif Communication and Sharing
For those of you who are new to the CSA, this newsletter is the beginning of a weekly series that will arrive in your inbox on Tuesdays once you start receiving shares. 

  Other ways that we communicate is through our facebook page and our blog on our website.

   It is important that you keep your email address with us up-to-date, so that we are able to contact you, especially in the event of weather cancellations or location-specific updates.  You do this by logging into your account on the website and selecting "update account". 

    On that note, it's nice if there's a pickup team that we have both of your names on the account.  That way you can both email and not have to reference whose name the account is under.  You can do this by updating your account
(for different last names, here's an example:
First Name: Patricia and Josh
Last Name: Bishop and Oulton)

    We LOVE when members share with us.  Send us a family photo or a note for our happy wall, email us a favorite recipe or let us know how your family is managing eating the food in your boxes.  I'll put it on the blog or in the newsletter to share with other members.

   We're also happy to get any feedback from you in general.  As a shareholder, we welcome your input about the farm and the produce and encourage the emphasis on the "C" in Community Shared Agriculture.
news_bustech_arw1.gif Welcome from all of us

  S<-- Here are some of the smiling faces of the people who grow your food.  Our farm team consists of about a dozen full-time, year-round staff, as well as about 25 seasonal workers from Jamaica and Newfoundland (many who return each year) a group from Applewick's who help make shares, and occasional volunteers, work share, and pieceworkers as needed.

  We hope to give you an introduction to all the faces of people who grow your food this year, as we follow what is happening on the farm through our weekly newsletters.  In the meantime, check out our TapRoot Team page for more info about the hard-working  individuals who make up our farm team.

news_bustech_arw1.gif Payments FAQ

 Just a reminder:

  • to those of you who selected quarterly payments when you signed up that your first quarterly payment was due March 1. 
  • to those of you who selected one payment that it was due March 1
  • to those of you who are doing monthly payments: this year, some have been split into 13 payments, if you are one of those lucky people the first payment was due March 1, and the 12 payments start on April 1
  • (If you are unsure if you have payments due, please first log in to your Harvest Hand account and see if any are showing due.  Email us if there are any discrepancies, or if any of this doesn't make sense, thanks!)

*Important note: This year we are using the online system only (Harvest Hand) for accounting, and so you will be able to view what is due only by logging in to your TapRoot Harvest Hand account (that you created when you signed up).  You will have received a payment schedule when you signed up showing the payment schedule and amounts, but if you have any questions in the meantime please let us know.

  • The monthly or quarterly amounts will show up on your account as they come due (i.e. the payment duefor April 1st will not show up until April 1)
  • To see what is in the invoice, you can hold your mouse over [?] and a window will pop up showing what it is for.

The easiest payment method for us continues to be via post-dated cheque, mailed prior to the start of the CSA season.  It is super helpful to us if you are able to pay this way, but we also accept credit or debit (through Paypal), cash or monthly cheques to a TapRoot team member. 

If you are unable to stick to the payment schedule it is no problem, just please let us know as soon as you are about to miss a payment and we will sort it our together.

Deliveries will be ceased for accounts that are behind in payments.  We will try to give lots of notice if your account is owing, but it is up to you to confirm that you are making the payments as they are due. 

One last important point is that payments are not automatic.  Even when using Paypal, you will need to log in each month to make the payment.



-Postdated cheques whenever possible, for the dates that your monthly or quarterly amounts are due.
-If you pay with cash or cheque to the driver (a TapRoot team member), please put the payment in an envelope with your name on it.  The driver will not usually have change, so please try to provide correct change.  If you really want to make our lives easier, you can print off what the payment is for (the receipt showing the items or your statement) and include that also.

-To pay online, log into your Harvest Hand account on taprootfarms.ca and select "Make Payment" on the right.  You can then select the corresponding invoice and click "pay now", or enter any amount into the box provided and click "pay now".  It will redirect you to Paypal, where you can either log in to your Paypal account or sign in as a guest with a credit card.

-If you have any questions about payment, please email us.  Falicia does the bookkeeping and can answer questions about invoices, payments, etc. (info@taprootfarms.ca)

Looking forward to a wonderful season growing food for you & your family!
The TapRoot Team