What is in this weeks share?

Good Morning Members,

Sorry for the delay - the shares are posted now.

I took this on my walk about this morning. Swiss chard transplanted on the weekend.

Sarah and Lily were helping me on Saturday at Prospect Community Centre and Emma's Eatery.

Today things are a bit dreary, but the little bit of moisture is very good. The soil is very dry. I am going to head over to the hascaps to see how they are doing. Hopefully we will get a harvest this year. We planted them three years ago.

I am struggling to keep up with the paper work in the office. I feel terrible about it.  I am working to get caught up. I wanted to have statements out to everyone as a part of just how we will do things and I want to be in better touch with responding to emails and also the day to day details....so far there have been more mix up's than usual. I do very much appreciate your patience with me......I'm taking a deep breath and working away here.

Here is the list for you.

Take Care!


Sun, Apr 22 - Sat, Apr 28

52 Week Veggie Share
Cabbage - 1 small (Appetizer); 1 large or two small (Entree)
TapRoot Farms - Spray Free
Spinach - 1/4 lb (Appetizer); 1/2 lb (Entree)
TapRoot + others - Spray Free
Onions - 2 (Appetizer); 4 (Entree)
TapRoot Farms - Certified Organic
Apples - 5 (Appetizer); 10 (Entree)
Noggins corner farm - Non Organic
Mushrooms - 4 oz bag (Appetizer); 8 oz bag(Entree)
Leonard North - Naturally Grown
Jacob Cattle Beans - 1 bag (Appetizer); 2 bags (Entree)
Websters Farm - Non Organic
Awesome Eggs
Eggs - 1/2 doz (1/2 Dozen Eggs); 1 doz (1 Dozen eggs)
TapRoot - Certified Organic
Staple Share
Apple, onion, potato, carrot - 1
Various - Non Organic
Fruit Share
Gala Apples - 1/4 peck (Appetizer); 1/2 peck (Entre)
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
Frozen Fruit - 1Entre - 0 App
Noggins Corner Farm - Non Organic
Beth Homemade Preserves - Jam - 1 (Appetizer); 1 (Entre)
Beth at Noggins - Non Organic
HH Tomato - 1 Entre 0 - App
Stokdijk - Non Organic