Windsor Location Change - Next week

Hello Windsor shareholders!

Well, most of you have voted in the poll from last week about changing the location for Windsor, (thanks!) and it looks like we will go ahead and change the location to Mosaic Market, 141 Water Street, Wednesdays between 3 - 6 pm, *beginning next Wednesday, May 15th*.  (I'm giving you an extra week in case you need to sort something out to accommodate this change in your lives.)

Michelle and Trevor at Mosaic Market are happy to be working with us on this and we are happy to see a local/health food store in Windsor!  I haven't been in, but Tim has, and said it looks great.  They do carry Martock Glen Meats, as well as other local fare.

If this causes an issue for you, please send me an email and we'll see if we can work something out.

Thanks!  I will send a reminder about the change next Wednesday also.

Teri Dillon
farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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