farm food 2020

Good Day Friends of TapRoot:

The farm is cold and crispy these days. 

The animals are keeping cozy and filled up with the straw and grain we harvested from the fields this fall. 

The vegetables are keeping well in the cooler. The leeks and brussels sprouts are needing to be eaten up soon as they don't like to store for long. 

The greens room is green with pea shoots, radish shoots and sunflower shoots. 

The wood stove is keeping us all warm as we pack and process. 

Josh and I (Trish) have considered where the farm is at and what the future holds.

The adventure continues into 2020 and again we would like to invite you to join us. 

CSA deliveries begin January 8th. Sign up for the CSA will remain open for a couple of months. After deliberations, we will also be launching a meal box option and a non CSA weekly ordering option off our main webpage for those interested. The markup will be higher, but we are hoping it will meet some of your needs and wants in accessing food from the farm. 

The image below is from Christmas Eve morning arriving home from my morning walk, our sun blessed farm. 

Have a pleasant and peaceful day. 


(I would like to be known for the next few years as your Middle Aged Woman Farmer)