first week, planning for first delivery, door falls off

Hello Community Shared Fishery members....

We are sad to say that our best made plans and good intentions didn't pull through for us this weekend. 

The fish is in Sambro. Justine goes each week to Prospect Road Community Centre for the CSA pickup and a TapRoot market table. Instead of hiring a truck to deliver the fish to TapRoot (where we have a new freezer in place for the fish) Dave and I sorted out a plan. He picked the van up at 11 to go load up with fish, back to PRCC for 1 for Justine to load up and head to the farm and put the fish in the freezer.  The van as a reefer unit that can keep items frozen. That was the plan.....sounds great right:)

On his way to get the fish, an unfortunate mishap occurred - the side door blew off the van. Luckily no one was behind the van.  The door was put into the van, Dave headed to the nearest Canadian Tire and they tried to get the door back on. Time ran out and the fish did not get delivered. 

This is the long was to say, Monday Off the Hook members you will not be getting fish. You will get double fish next week to make up for this week. Tuesday members this may likely impact you as well. I do not know yet when we will get the fish delivered. I hope it will arrive sometime on Tuesday morning so we can get the Tuesday shares out but if not, we will let you know and we will double up next week. 

Tomorrow, Monday the van is off to the mechanic to see if they can fix the door.

Thanks and sorry!!