hello from the farm

Good Day CSA Members, 

The weeks are going fast now. The farm is feeling so abundant. Everywhere we look there are crops ready for harvest, weeds ready for weeding and we are still keeping up with seeding and planting. Plus we have the irrigation going again. It is an amazing time. 

When we made up the price list this week there are many things to add like grape tomatoes, zucchini, blueberries, and pickling cukes. 

You may have seen the post Josh made about the corn (facebook). He anticipates we will be harvesting corn on Wednesday. This brings up an interesting feeling or awareness for me, our life is defined by when the crops are ready. Year over year, corn time, bean time, cherry time, zucchini time, apple time, leek time, brussels sprouts time. These yearly beginnings happen no matter how old we get. A journey of life defined by the seasonality of food. 

On Sunday morning I have been drafting a newsletter from Noggins to provide an update on what is fresh in the markets and for the online shop. Here is the link if you are interested, it provides an update on the fruit. You can join it if you like to get it each week.  https://conta.cc/3hDr1FL

Dad was sharing with me this morning that he hopes to be harvesting peaches in 10 days. There are some nectarines that he hopes will be ready for harvest this weekend. He also shared some photos of dead apricot trees.  They unfortunately were killed by a hard frost this past winter. It is hard to see rows upon rows of dead trees. 

In other news: 

I have been attending the Novalea Farmers Market. It has been fun and I get to see many CSA members there which is really nice. Between our CSA membership and attending the market I feel that we are supported and appreciated by many. For this I am thankful and humbled really. Dan from Dinahs took this photo of me on Saturday. I am smiling behind the mask. 

Elsie (Dwaine and Jillians oldest) turned 6 and got a gator for her birthday. I can not describe the feeling, but I am sure you understand it; I pulled up to unload veggies and the warehouse door opens. Elsie drives out with her gator and a pint of raspberries on the passenger seat. I mean cute is not the word, 100 times cute. Watching my nieces growing up on our family farm is the best feeling. They laugh and play and have no worries in the world. It is refreshing, innocent and a tremendous gift. 

Wishing you a great day!


(your middle aged woman farmer)

(ps. the key board setting is mixed up on the computer so i could not use apostrophes)